Apple MacBook Laptops - New Condition

Better get one of those rose gold models before they’re gone!! I mean, sure, you could have got one from Apple 2 years ago for about $400 less … but you didn’t, did you. And Woot has them in stock! 2016 MacBook in ROSE GOLD … are you getting it yet? Say goodbye to your $1,934.99 and hello to the FUTURE! … er maybe kind of the present at this point. But rose gold! It’s still “the future”! I mean the new iPhone excess — no iPhone tennis — hmm… that still may not be right. However you say it, the 2018 iPhone expensive doesn’t even come in rose gold! Just your plain old run of the mill gold.

Get on this people!! What are you waiting for!?

HAHAHAHA! I saw the price range and thought “price dependent on color, that can’t be right.” Woot, you silly bastards… fix your prices.

Yeah, we’re not sure who thinks Rose Gold is worth the premium but we’re gonna fix that price.

It’s a mystery.

Does anyone know if you can put apple care on something like this?

That would be up to Apple. Best to call them first.