Apple Macbook Pro 15" i7-6920 Radeon 455

Lol outdated processor, outdated graphics card, top of the line price. Apple in s nutshell.

Outdated graphics card, yes, but you save about $500 buying this one. Depending on your state of residence you may save on the tax too.

For $2200 you could easily get a GTX-1080 8GB laptop with a 120Hz 17" display and 16GB of DDR4 that is running on a 7820HK processor. This laptop isn’t even 1/10th that powerful yet is more expensive lol.

The RAM on this laptop was outdated in 2014. (DDR3, lmfao)
The CPU on this laptop was outdated in 2015. (The CPU is 4 generations old)
The GPU on this laptop was outdated in 2016.

I’ll never understand why people settle for Macs. They cut corners while charging premium prices.

Help an ignorant sister out: what computer would you recommend? Power for the price?

For $1749 brand new, you can get the new Dell XPS 15 9570 that looks almost exactly like the MBP, but will crap all over this thing.

For $1749, you get an 8th-gen 6-core processor, 16Gbs of 2666MHz DDR4 RAM, 512Gb of NVMe flash, the larger 97W/Hr batter, and a 1080P anti-glare matte panel.

The 4K touch screen is useless in all but ideal conditions, as it’s really glossy and reflective- also cuts your battery life in half.

I have the current model (4-core i7-7820HQ, 32Gb/1Tb, FHD), and running Linux, I get 8-11 hours of battery life. Fantastic notebook.