Apple MacBook Pro 17"



So is this model 2-4 years old, a 330m graphics card (newest line is the 600 series), and it doesn’t say which generation i5 it is.

Still if you’re a m-a-c junkie, I guess it’s a good price, I don’t understand why they don’t have a number pad on a 17" laptop.


spiders, get them off.


$1599 (but sold out) at the Apple Store:

Though this is cheaper, it seems like a lot for a two year old computer without the latest OS version.


Annnd to preempt anyone asking, no, this does not have Thunderbolt.

And yes, it will work on your Mac.

And yes, you can run Windows on it as well.


Is it just me or does that look like a European power connector?


This is clearly the leftover FC024LL/A models from last week’s multi-Macintosh sale. There are TONS of useful comments in the discussion which should answer many of the questions that might arise.

Edit: Gosh darn-it, woot! When you offer a Macintosh for sale, please suspend the M-A-C filter for a day! $1,300 for a bunch of glow sticks is NOT a good deal. :tongue:


Just looks like part of a 3-prong plug to me.


If anyone has half a mind… Do not buy this, for the price, holy shit you can do better, just saying.


um… the latest OS version is only $20… though I would save my money for one with thunderbolt and usb3…


haha, at that angle it does look like the round pin two prong plug.


True, but when paying over $1,300 it would be nice to have the latest software installed.


Some companies still need to run the older OS. I know this for a fact bc the company I work for is still on snow leopard. So this would be perfect.


Where’s the fun in that? I just added it for the woot-off.


Sold out. And for posterity, because the Wootalyzer didn’t post the price it was $1319.99.


I am so tempted to start posting “Will this work with my glow sticks?”

… except that sounds like an euphemism…


Dear fancy. I and my friend have purchased that item from 10-23-2012. But up to now, my friend’s order has been shipped but my order is not. Please show my have what problem with my order. Thans


Give it another day to see if your tracking updates.

If not you can contact Customer Service. To contact customer service, click on Support at the top of every page to go to the support form or email Include your woot username and order number for faster service. They will try to answer in one to two business days.