Apple Macbook Pro Blowout Bonanza

Is the remaining model upgradeable to Sierra?

Should be -

I’m stuck on one of these at work that is new, not a refurb, and it crashes on me more than my Windows system did. It isn’t even suitable for hosting VMs of Linux and Windows to get my work done because it’s the least stable OS of the 3.

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I have purchased 2 refurb iMacs, not MacBook’s but have been more than happy with both. One had a hard drive die, I was not upset, but Apple stepped up and replaced the drive, for free. They were awesome. Both of mine are I7 core, one 3.4 and the other 4.0, 32 gb ram, 2tb had drive(that died and the other is 1tb Fusion…FAST and not Windows. Would never recommend bootcamp and Windows, why do that to a great computer! I’m told MacBooks are just as impressive. I just bought a refurb iPad 4th gen. Hope it does as well. Both iMacs looked like new!

I regret every having to leave Apple but won’t again!

Whats Flash? lol

It’s kind of crazy that a 5 year old MacBook Pro still holds more than 50% of its resale value.

I have the 15.4" late 2013 model, which I bought new for around $2,000 after my corporate discount. Great laptop.

You’ve probably corrupted the index. Should buy DiskWarrior and rebuild the index. That’s literally the only thing you need to buy to keep things running smoothly.

Even my 2011 Mac mini runs Sierra just fine.

I’ve been buying refurbished Macs for years but I’ve been buying them from Apple. You get a full year warranty with Apple. Here, what’s the warranty?

Flash? Your kidding :frowning: Don’t you think it is about time you removed flash from your site?

I bought a house envy touchscreen from woot a year ago. Never had a better computer. So many issues with my old Mac.

Anyone know what year this model is?

Absolutely. We would love to. It’s a pain. We’ve asked SquareTrade before, we’ll ask again.

Funny, for the last week I’ve been using my new 2017 15" MacBook Pro (which replaced a 2011 17" MBP which finally died after being bounced around in a backpack for years) running VMWare virtual machines for CentOS and Windows 7 – the former for Xilinx Vivado and the latter for Microsemi’s FPGA tools. Programming dongles for both worked fine, in-system debug with the logic-analysis programs worked great, and ModelSim on the Win7 VM was faster than on a Dell Studio XPS Win7 box.

All machines that can run Sierra will be able to run High Sierra.

Received my 15 inch with 256GB SSD instead of the advertised 512GB.

Also… NVIDIA graphics card is either missing or toast.

Be sure to check your specs with advertised specs.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.