Apple Magic Keyboard & Magic Bluetooth Mouse

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Apple Magic Keyboard & Magic Bluetooth Mouse
Price: $119.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Best Buy has 4.7 Stars on the Keyboard

I have the Magic Mouse version one and two and are (contrary to some bad reviews) the best mice I’ve ever owned (one is used with my laptop and the other with my Mac Mini). I’m using the keyboard that predates the one here and it’s also fantastic.

This is a reasonably good price for the two of them together.

My Apple keyboard is parked on the coffee table where, sooner or later, I’ll connect it to my Apple TV. But as a day-to-day keyboard, it does me no good because it has almost no key travel/action. That is, there is almost no sensation of typing and this causes me to “pound” the keys, unconsciously looking for some kind of response. Lastly, the flatness of the keys themselves makes navigating by touch difficult. My error rate climbs and by the end of the morning, it’s double.

If you are looking for tactile feedback and are accustomed to a mildly sculpted key surface, this is not the keyboard you are looking for.

I have computers I got from Woot that cost about as much as this Apple product. No magic here!

Will this work with my PC?

I’m not a fan of these unfortunately. I wanted to be because of the size and the aesthetic for my coffee table. The mouse isn’t too bad but I prefer a few other brands. The keyboard blows. It’s not my preferred style for sure. I got mine free luckily and now it’s in a box in the garage after a month of use.

Yes, but you’ll have to do a little work. Apple makes drivers so that people running Windows through Bootcamp can use them. You’ll have to get those drivers and install them. The issue is that while Bootcamp is free to anyone who has a Mac, it comes as a package designed to create an install drive on OSX. I’m sure someone somewhere has unpacked the drivers though.

If this were the Magic Trackpad instead of the Mouse, I’d be all over it. I have that combo at work and I’d love to replicate it at home.

Same here!, sign me up for keyboard/trackpad combo

DOES NOT COME WITH WIRE to charge them. I bought these to replace the keyboard and mouse that use AA batteries. But since there’s no cable, I cannot charge them to use them!

I’m so sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.