APPLE Magic Keyboard for 11-inch iPa (Open Box)

APPLE Magic Keyboard for 11-inch iPa (Open Box)

Title says Smart Keyboard, but photos and description say Magic Keyboard. Which is it?


Yeah it’s confusing

Hi there. All signs lead us to Magic Keyboard. Sale is updated.

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Will this one fit the 4th gen iPad Air?

Maybe, if you believe the googles.


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Anyone confirm if this is the Magic or Smart yet? Thanks

Yes, I posted above that it’s the magic.

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I want to purchase if it is indeed the magic keyboard, but this is what is listed as what will be sent. That is the Smart Keyboard, which is it?

In the Box:

  • (1) APPLE APPLE MXNK2LL/ARB Smart Keyboard for 11-inch iPa

Agree the main ad and pics are Magic but look at specs it says Smart and gives Apple part number for the Smart. Think I will go ahead and order. (sold out now - we will see)

I ordered, will return if not the magic, if it is magic, then it is the lowest I have seen for one in 11 inch.

Bummer - hope they can cancel this order (from Woot Customer Service):

I have checked and the item from your order# 7------- is “APPLE APPLE MXNK2LL/ARB Smart Keyboard for 11-inch iPa (Open Box)”

Just in case, if this is not the item you require, let us know and we could try to get this item cancelled, however, that this is not a guarantee that we will be able to stop or cancel the shipment.

(VMod edit: I hid your order number.)

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So we got worried and asked warehouse to check the inventory. DAMMIT! It WAS the Smart Keyboard. Our vendor linked it to the wrong Amazon ASIN/SKU which screwed up things on our end.

We’ve cancelled all orders and refunded you the purchase amount.

You’ll be getting an email soon.


Glad I waiting. Too good to be true usually is just that.