Apple MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe Charger

Would this work iPhone 13, 13 pro?


While it doesn’t have a magnetic feature, one of these from Anker is $10.

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Yes, iPhone 12/13 will charge very well on Qi wireless charging pads (like Anker’s, who make fine equipment of which I have bought many) but only at 7.5 W. With MagSafe pads, on the other hand, they will charge at 15 W.

In either case, you must use an 18 W or greater charging adapter (Anker USB-C “nano” is great). The pads do not usually include the adapter (only the pad and a cable).


Part of the appeal of the MagSafe charger is that you can pick up your phone while it’s charging. Can’t do that on a charging pad. Also the charging pads are somewhat tricky to align - I have 3 of them, so I have some experience using them.

I do like my $10 Anker Qi charger, too!


Wow talk about some serious BS

Bought this yesterday on the woot app and no discount now woot is offering it today on the app with a discount

So woot got an extra $2 from me on this, a loyal wooter, and of course no ability to cancel the order from yesterday

@ThunderThighs this is some serious shady stuff that I would only expect from a super villain like Jeff Bezos.

Woot needs to make this right for people, with prime, who bought yesterday via the app and got no discount.

I would also still like my 4 airtags you sold me at a great price then took back because it was a great price.

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But I mean, they were advertising all week that buying through the app today would get 10% off. It could have been risky to wait (in case things sold out).

But I totally agree with you about the Airtag thing. I’m still sad about that.

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I never noticed an ad until today or otherwise I would have waited because this product is nothing special

I’m still bummed about those air tags too :confused:

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