Apple MD565LL/A 60W Magsafe 2

Apple MD565LL/A 60W Magsafe 2

Is this OEM Apple, or generic?

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bummer, I just bought this a week and a half ago for 50 bucks

Woohoo! I was going to buy it a week ago but crossed my fingers my electrical tape charger will hold out. This price I am more comfortable on paying for something refurbished.

This is Apple product.

I have to say Woot is the best! I didn’t even ask for a refund of the difference…I don’t think? I definitely don’t remember asking for one but today I received 15.00 back since I paid more a week and a half ago!

Maybe I did email? I don’t think so though.

Either way, Woot customer service rocks!

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I saw your post and asked about it. :w_happy2:

well then YOU rock! lol

Thank you

I mean it is only 15 bucks, but the gesture goes a long way. In these days where customer service is all but non-existent, you guys stand out. If I ever need anything, I will do a search here on Woot first, then I resort to other places. THIS is one of the biggest reasons. I feel like I know who I am working with.

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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