Apple MFI Certif Lightning to USB Cables

Bought the 2 meter cables last time they were for sale here. They are not Apple cables. They are not MFi certified.

Is woot lying? woot never lies.

How about it, Woot Staff?
Apple MFI Certified or not…

Fake. At best, you will get a “This cable is not certified to work with your device” message, at worst nothing at all.

A whole bunch of people post about it every time woot lists these, because we feel ripped off. This is not the “bag of crap” you are looking for.

Huh. Woot converts “B_0_C” to “bounty of candy”. Bizarre.

Being MFi & being made by Apple are two different things. Woot isn’t claiming these are made by Apple, just that Apple okayed the manufacturer to make the cords. I can’t attest to the reliability of the cords, but that’s another story.

Will they work for iphone 4 (blush).

No. iPhone 5 or newer.

I bought two of these and they broke in a few months. I took them to the Apple Store. They honored the 1 year warranty and replaced them both.

There isn’t a polite way to sAy this…you have a bug on your comment.

I know. And you’re welcome. :tongue:

I bought a pair last year and one of the two didn’t work. I would get a message saying that the accessory was not supported. The problem was that it took me 8 months to try it out since I didn’t need the cable until then. I’ll be testing mine right away


“This cable is not certified…”

How about it Woot? MFI certified or not?
The lack of response makes one wonder. You are losing credibility by not answering. But i suppose if they aren’t MFI certified as advertised you’ve already lost credibility

So, I just confirmed with our vendor manager that these cables are MFI certified and that we have samples in office that we have tested for compatibility and functionality.

Then why have all of the ones I bought from woot, on 2 separate orders, been absolute fails? Why do you have so many people posting a similar experience, every time you list them? Are the “samples” pulled from stock you are shipping, or ones the vendor sent you up front?

“MFI certified” does not mean apple OEM cables. The Chinese knockoff cables I buy at a local swap meet for $2 don’t give me these problems.

I’m sorry to hear about your frustrating experiences with other Apple charging cables you purchased from us in the past.

Woot’s Electronics Team sources charging cables from several different vendors at any given time. A little while ago we started to see a very steep increase in Customer Service reports and forum complaints about defective cables that wouldn’t pair with devices or work over extended periods of time. We were able to connect the defective reports to one supply source. As a result, we no longer source cables from that vendor.

While this information may be little comfort to those who already purchased cables that were dysfunctional and disappointing, all I can say is that we’re counting on these being better.

I have noticed that my iPad doesn’t charge as fast as when I use my original cable will this damage my iPad? I am using the correct plugin for the iPad not to happy with these so far

just got mine…won’t work, not certified message on phone and Ipad…very misleading Woot…very disappointed customer…

Do Not Buy…Will Not Work…got mine Friday…“cabe not certified message”…Boo, Woot!!!