Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

$100 with Prime, a nice deal if you don’t hanker for that newer, more friendly to most folks, remote.

There are in fact several significant differences between this model and the 2021 model. The Siri Remote is the most obvious, but the processor is an A10 instead of a A12, the HDMI is 2.0 vs 2.1, and the WiFi is 5 vs 6. The 2021 model also supports 60fps high framerate HDR video, which this does not (this will be noticeable for sports fans).

This article does a full breakdown of the two models:


Wow! Thanks! We just got a new TV (4K 120 Hz )and was getting ready to research this particular product. You saved me from hearing the grumbles from my kids during football/basketball season! Thank you!


Apple TV can “learn” other remotes.

I use a universal remote that was originally setup for a cable box. No changes were needed on the remote. It is all handled on the Apple TV.


This is the version of the Apple TV 4K that has a motion controller. The new one does not. If your kids play games on the Apple TV (think: Just Dance, Tennis, etc.), this is the version you want.


Is this still eligible for 1 year of Apple tv+ subscription?


You can also get the newer one at Apple today with a $50 gift card so in the end, same price.


For those of us that get our TV via an antenna, Apple TV doesn’t offer very much. I’ll stick with Roku.

So if all you have is antenna, how does a Roku work?

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