Apple Watch Series 1 - Your Choice (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 1 - Your Choice (S&D)

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Honestly yall don’t buy this, it’s not worth it. You can find deals on series 4, it’s just so much better.


Thanks for the heads up!!

You can get a brand new Series 3 from Amazon for $170 (38mm) or $199 (42mm).

You know I just find it funny how y’all so fast to tell someone what they should or should not buy. I am a young mom who has been wanting an Apple Watch forever. I saw this deal and couldn’t even pass it up. These gadgets are already super expensive . They all do the same thing except get fancier FOH

I wouldn’t buy one of these. Refurbished and not knowing the battery condition or life left is risky as getting the battery replaced in these can be more than the watch costs. Also heed this advice, never leave it charging overnight. And don’t charge it past 80%. You’ll thank me when the battery lasts years longer than Apple wanted it to.