Apple Watch Series 2 42mm A1758 (Scratch and Dent)

Apple Watch Series 2 42mm A1758 (Scratch and Dent)

Within 24 hours of owning this watch it died. It had a 75% charge and just went dead. I should have sent it back after seeing how scraped up the back was before pairing it to my phone. I was told by Woot to send the watch back. Unfortunately, I can’t erase my data on the watch since I can’t re-start it. Woot customer service basically told me so sorry about your luck since it is on me to erase the data. Lesson learned. Do not buy Apple products that are not certified by Apple. I just paid 150 dollars for a paperweight and no way for a refund unless I want my personal data contained on my watch compromised.

Watch arrived with what appeared to be sand in the bag with the watch. Screen was shipped shattered, no damage to packaging. Woot accepted the return, but they should definitely look into this company and question if they continue using them.

Watch arrived in a plastic bag in a bubble wrap envelope with an off brand charger and the band. Battery was completely dead and had to charge for two hours before it would even turn on. I was skeptical it would work at all, but I’m on day 2 and it seems to be holding up fine. The watch itself had little to no wear and tear on it so I guess I made out better than others. I was put off by the packaging but so far so good and I really can’t compain at the price.

Do not buy Apple products

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