Apple Watch Series 3 (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 3 (S&D)

you of course can buy a brand new one on amazon for 20 bucks more so yeah

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You can get a brand new one from Target for the same price

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We only have the GPS+Cellular remaining. I’m not seeing a similar price at Target (or Amazon).

This is a good deal. Look up Apple watch 3: with GPS + Cellular. You save over $100.
Jump on this quick–I just bought 2 more. :slight_smile:

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Let’s all be clear here. An Apple Watch Series 3 GPS+Cellular 38 mm is $299 new at Apple or Target. An Apple Watch Series 3 38mm watch face with just GPS is $199 new.

Yup–very clear.

i apologize -yes mine only has GPS -this isn’t a bad deal i guess. I’m just so used to Woot letting me down now i rush to judgment. I feel terrible, Woot.

I got one of these and can’t get it to connect to an iPhone. Yesterday it was showing like a spinning galaxy animation that I had to take a picture of to pair with it, then my iPhone prompted me to downloaded an 8 hour update for it, so I let it sit overnight. Today the Watch won’t do anything but display a picture of the charger with a green lightning bolt while on the charger or a picture of the charger with a red lightning bolt when it’s off the charger.

Does anyone who has used one of these before and knows what it’s supposed to do know what is going on?

Edit: I found a piece of plastic on the top of the charger surface so I removed that and am trying again. Maybe that as blocking it from getting a good charge?

Edit 2: It powered up enough to get back to the pairing screen that I saw yesterday but my phone prompted me to download and install the update again! I waited 8 hours for that to download last time and it didn’t even install and now I have to do it again? It doesn’t just save the update file in case I need it later? These Apple gadgets really don’t deserve the user friendly reputation that they have!

Reset the watch–it is in the actual watch–push buttons :slight_smile:
Then try connecting again-BUT on the phone watch app there is a “skip update” that you can press at some point–do that and everything will work again–maybe.