Apple Watch Series 3 (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 3 (S&D)

Can buy the series 3 new for $169 at Amazon

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Hey can you link me to that? I’m looking for a series 3 with cellular but might be interested in the gps if cheaper enough. Which I found the series 3 w/cellular on Amazon “renewed” for $209, and without cellular but gps “renewed” on amazon for 174.

Which, these on woot are S&D refurb, so I assume that’s the same thing Amazom means when it says “renewed”. Which means I’d save $40 buying from woot.

But if there’s a “new” on Amazon not much difference in price, I may want to head that way… so if you can send a link that’d be great!

I believe that’s for GPS only. Ours is Series 3 GPS + Cellular

This is false, this would be for the non Cellular model.