Apple Watch Series 3 w/ Cellular (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 3 w/ Cellular (S&D)

Cellular at least on Verizon comes in around $15 a month extra. Don’t fall for the under $10 apple statement. Line access fees and taxes come into play.

Also not manufacturer refurb so total roll of the dice.

Price is good though.

Are these “Apple Certified Refurbished”? Does the Apple warranty apply, or just the 90 day Woot warranty?

284 brand new if you want Crimson/Black Nike - also Cellular and GPS and not S&D. Also worth noting Walmart was selling these for $199 in December and $249 in January, and Amazon had the silver ones brand new for $199 for a while.

Overpriced S&D. Do yourself a favor and wait as this price is clearly getting ready to bottom out on brand new units.[]=9&forumid[]=30&forumid[]=71&forumid[]=25 <- Search for more for yourself.

I’m curious about the rose gold offering because I don’t recall apple offering the cellular version in that color. It was only black and white when I got mine last year. Even on their website they only offer black and white.

even the picture of the rose gold one doesn’t have the red dial (signifying cellular). so be careful, you might be paying for a cellular version and getting the only the gps version.

Hey there, these are refurbished by a trusted third party company. The only warranty is the 90 day Woot warranty.

oh hi - the model number is MQJQ2LL/A, which is cellular enabled.

Sorry, this one is my fault - I don’t own an Apple Watch myself and may have picked the wrong picture when building the offer. But as I mentioned, if you look up the model number (MQJQ2LL/A), it is cell enabled.

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Received mine today. Sent the wrong watch from what was ordered. I ordered the gold one they sent slate gray.

The slate gray aluminum go for $229 new at Best Buy. This was a rip off.