Apple Watch Series 4 (S&D)(Your Choice)

Apple Watch Series 4 (S&D)(Your Choice)

Ok, this is the point where you’d need to do some research to see if this is a worthwhile purchase or not. The others (watches 1-3) were easy. This one still holds up pretty well and is the watch I wear daily.

Agreed. I have a Series 4 (GPS only) and wear it daily plus all night for sleep tracking a vibration alarm clock (no waking my spouse). It charges pretty fast, so I just toss it on the charger after putting my kid to bed and then it’s easily fully charged by the time I am ready to sleep about 90 minutes later. Apple tells me it’s currently worth $130 for trade-in value which, of course, will be lower than what one’s going to find them for sale but is it worth nearly double the trade-in value?

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Good luck getting these to pair when it updates to 7.0.2. It’ll say “install can’t be verified because you aren’t connected to the internet.”. I received mine the other day and still don’t have it paired.

Interesting; I didn’t have a problem (but also didn’t buy my watch from this woot sale either).