Apple Watch Series 4 (Your Choice: Color)

Apple Watch Series 4 (Your Choice: Color)

Is this model actually the Stainless steel edition? I had an older apple watch with the Ion-x glass and was disappointed with its durability, but would prefer this with the sapphire glass

I’m confused though because the color options say stainless but they include the rubber band that comes with the aluminum model.

Anyone else read this section?-- The challenge was to make it bigger without noticeably increasing the size of the case or compromising the battery life. Narrower borders enable a viewing area that’s over 30% larger, while display technology called LTPO improves power efficiency, helping you get through the day on a single charge.
Wow, a whole day! Seriously, how are these successfully being sold? I guess the force is stong with the sheeple.

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Buyer beware, I bought one a few weeks ago when they were offered, and the supplier stated at least 95% battery life. Mine was 84%, and there were no available replacements.

Link to the previous sale if anyone is interested. Apple Watch Series 4 (Your Choice: Color)

I have had TERRIBLE luck with Woot cellphones. I have probably ordered 6 or so and all but one had batteries lower than the stated 85%. To their credit they are quick to help and also, when I opted to keep them, provided compensation. Whether that compensation is enough is up to the buyer but for me, in most cases, it was not.

Seems like these are just drop shipped from the supplier and Woot never actually sees the item to confirm the assurances being made.

Better than what I got. Zero.