Apple Watch Series 4 Your Choice (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 4 Your Choice (S&D)

Is the cellular version unlocked? CDMA or GSM?!!

These were originally $749?? Wow. The last S&D I got (series 3) was not all that scratched or dented. I might have to pull the trigger on this one.

What size face is it in black and will the cellular work on at&t???

Originally $529 for the cellular models

IF we get one and find it to be scratched and dented beyond our liking can we return for refund? or nah?

Are these Stainless/Sapphire or Aluminum/IonX watches?


Yes, you can return it. Simply contact Woot customer service.

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GSM or cdma? Verizon or att&t!?!?


These watches are unlocked to be used on all GSM Carriers. They work on Verizon and all GSM Carriers.

Yea that’s what I want to know as well

I answered him above.

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Thank you!

I got my Series 4 new and like it. I’d jump on this deal if I weren’t already an owner.

What size is this ?

Case Size 44mm

The description says all ceramic and sapphire glass back.

Hey woot can you answer this

Is this case aluminum or stainless steel? Why isn’t this important detail listed?

After 12 or so days of waiting for my apple watches to ship, today I get an email from Woot saying they are refunding and canceling my order. After an hour on the phone they are saying basically they ran out… although they still show as buyable on the site and customer service told me that meant they were still available and I could place another order. Has anyone that bought one of these actually received it?