Apple Watch Series 4 Your Choice (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 4 Your Choice (S&D)

When an item is marked “Scratch and Dent” how badly is it damaged? I understand the item still functions but if the damage is beyond my liking am I able to return it?

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I bought one of these back before Christmas and it looked almost new. I might have just got lucky but it didn’t have any scratches on the face and the band it came with was new.

Amazon is selling the Apple Watch 4 44mm GPS renewed for $329

Here they want $299 for a S&D. Not to sure this is a good deal

I have often bought S&D or refurb’d electronics, as it’s a good way to buy near-new for less; but since an AppleWatch doesn’t yet have a replaceable battery, buying a Series 4, with potentially a year’s less battery life doesn’t seem like a good trade-off to me. If it were an Apple Store-refurb’d Watch, that’s different since those are returns.