Apple Watch Series 4 - Your Choice (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 4 - Your Choice (S&D)

The watch listed here as Rose Gold with Pink strap is not rose gold. The Apple web site, BB and other sellers of this watch refer to is as “gold.” I know this because I bought it because I wanted a GOLD watch to replace my series 1 and was thoroughly disappointed when I opened it and saw the tint of rose in there that was never mentioned. People online are calling it blush gold or something and it definitely has a pink tint but it’s not the full on rose gold of the past. It’s cheap looking and I tolerate it. I’m glad Woot is calling it Rose Gold, but if you are looking for the true rose gold coloring, this is not it.
Here’s a discussion about it: Is the aluminum gold apple watch series 4 gold or rose/pink gold

Are these aluminum or stainless steel? The Specs list both.

I asked this last time these were offered and didn’t get a response then either. :frowning:

These are aluminum; thank you for the question.

Does anyone know if it’s just the case that is Scratched and Dented or is it the screen as well? Cause I can hide the body with a case. Also is the band new or is it damaged/used?