Apple Watch Series 5 (Your Choice) (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 5 (Your Choice) (S&D)

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This was release in 2019 and should continue to recieve the updates (based on Apple’s history of supporting devices)for quite some time.

(Look at the release dates vs the End of Life Dates)

The 90 day warranty does not give me the warm fuzzies about buying this refurbished from woot, however, that’s a part of the reason that the watch is cheaper than buying from Apple; after 90 days you’re on your own for any issues you might have (honestly - with the stories I’ve read in multiple different comment sections when these watches come up for sale I’d just buy direct from Apple - it might be more money but you’ll get a 1 year warranty on the device).

Apple Watch Series 6 (Your Choice) - #4 by neuronbob

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Just ordered this on Monday and received it today so that was nice! Some scratches and dings as promised, and the remaining battery capacity is 87%, so above the 85% guaranteed (not by much). However, upon attempting to use the voice to text and Siri functions I realized the microphone on the watch was inoperable. I tried all the recommended troubleshooting steps from Apple’s website but no luck. I’ve reached out to customer support and am hoping this is covered under the woot 90 day warranty (or can be directly replaced since the watch arrived defective).

Other than that the watch seems to be functionally fine. I think you’re getting what you pay for here; if you don’t mind the scratches and you get one that is actually fully-functional it’s a reasonable deal.

@tisdante - Some folks (like me) rather ruthlessly and purposefully shut down all audible input possibilities - forcing it to work only if we click two buttons.

That can make it appear that the microphone is dead and Hey Siri or Hey Google are rudely ignoring you.

Try this if you have not.

Go to Settings > Siri & Search > Turn Off and then back OnListen for ‘Hey Seri’
Set up from scratch what happens when you say “Hey Siri

If that does not work, you can install Google Assistant from the App Store (yes that and Maps are there) and test that out. It’s pretty funny if you click on the Google Assistant icon and say, “Hey Siri.”

I hope it helps you test what is and is not working.