Apple Watch Series 5 (Your Choice) (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 5 (Your Choice) (S&D)

Can you get an extended warranty on the Apple Watch through Amazon?

I can’t speak for an Amazon sale, but for Woot, the extended warranty is not available for this item here.

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Normally you cannot since extended warranties are generally for new items. You pay money gambling it will breakdown. They take money with the hope it remains as functional as when it left the factory.

However, a used item has higher risk of premature failure. So either the extended warranty for the used or refurbished item would need to be more expensive to cover those risks or in most cases is not offered because they might actually have to pay for a new device to replace a used one.

If you sold such insurance contracts, you would not want to underwrite those high odds of having to replace the item either.

Does anyone know how bright the display is if its always on? I sleep with mine for the sleep function and Im not sure I would sleep well with the screen blaring in my eyes.

Here you go: You can turn Always on to OFF. May you sleep and breathe well.

A couple more options are setting it for “theater” when you go to bed, which will stop both light and sound until you turn the setting off in the morning. Or, you can utilize the sleep function; at your chosen bedtime, the screen will go dark, notifications will be muted, and only the time will show if you lift your wrist. I like this option particularly because it greets me in the morning with the time, date, temperature, and level of battery charge remaining.

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I just now left the Apple store after my Apple Series 5 watch had the SOS function get stuck. The Genius Bar people can’t fix it, and it has been covered in a plastic protector the whole time I’ve had it. It is now garbage because they want $299 to send it in. I wouldn’t risk a refurb on this model.

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