Apple Watch Series 8 Smart Watch [GPS + Cellular] - (Certified Reconditioned)

Apple Watch Series 8 Smart Watch [GPS + Cellular] - (Certified Reconditioned)

The above is everything for a used/refurb product. Apple recertified and warrantied products, in my experience, are like new.

Furthermore, if you want the blood oxygen sensor feature, until Apple resolves the lawsuit with the company claiming a patent infringement, all new, current gen (Series 9 and Ultra 2) watches will have this feature disabled. The feature should be active and working on this Series 8 watch.

Given the above, these prices appear solid. (However, watch for old inventory NEW Series 8 deals. I paid about this price for a new Series 7 cellular at the same relative point in its generational age, about a year ago.)

Typical aluminum 45mm here: $310
New MSRP at Apple: $529

Much more durable Stainless model: $375
New MSRP at Apple $749

If you have a Series 7, it likely does not make sense to upgrade to the Series 8 or 9. If you have a Series 6 or earlier, the upgrade is far more likely to make sense.

The cellular feature - you can completely ignore it and not activate cellular service, but it is handy if you exercise and do not want to take your phone with you. Cell calls on the Apple Watch work surprisingly well. (If your iPhone is with you, you do not need the cellular service activated to make a call… and all Apple Watches can make and receive calls as long as your iPhone is nearby) And note, FCC regs require that 911 emergency calls go thru on a device with a cellular radio, even if the carrier service is not activated. Typical carrier monthly fee is $10/month to activate a cellular watch.