Apple Watch Sport

Will this work with my Mac?


Warranty text says 90 day but when you click on the link it says one year? I’ve never heard of a 90 day apple warranty.

Apple’s warranty is one year. What’s not clear is whether that’s one year from when you buy it or one year from when the box was opened. The original Apple warranty is transferable, so it’s one year from … some time.

Just what the world needs another overpriced Apple product that will be replaced in 9 months with the newer better model. I didn’t know that I needed wi fi in my watch during workouts, gee with a speaker, I guess I should work out with my wrist at my ear. GREAT IDEA!

Does it do much that your phone can’t do? No. But for those of us in professions where we are expected to keep phones silent and out of sight, and also respond to clients within ten minutes, it is incredibly useful. The navigation program is very clever, tapping your wrist in a different pattern and making different sounds for a left or right turn. It also looks a lot nicer on the wrist than a fitbit.

It’s not a necessity. But it is a really fun toy.

Add this to the list:

Apples tells you that this a “popular” product and now they are selling new ones on Woot at a discount…

Just sayin…

I agree, it doesn’t do much at all that your phone cant do better. However my profession also requires me to get back to clients quickly and I get push notifications when emails come through so I can leave my phone at my desk and if something comes by this will let me know so I don’t miss anything.

I have the watch and, for me, it’s a must have extension to my iPhone. It’s so much easier setting alarms, setting reminders, sending quick text messages, checking the weather, or just get the time without having to pull my phone out of my pocket.

This is the fastest an Apple product has ever hit a discount of this much. Clearly this was a complete bust at $350 and they are just trying to move some of their warehouse filling inventory. With other smartwatches looking FAR better, the Apple Watch just can’t compete in terms of style. They also can’t compete with battery life (pebble lasts a few days). Moto 360 is better and cheaper than even this. Also, pebbles are better and cheaper than this.

You know that every great electronic product you own had an initial version that kinda sucked and was overpriced, but that early adopters bought anyway, right?

That’s literally how the electronics industry has worked forever.

I’m not an Apple fan, and own no Apple products, but complaining about it is just vacuous.

I bought one last time they were on woot and I was able to add AppleCare. It all depends on when Woot purchased the device, call apple with your watch’s S/N tlo find out

No one has every finished a statement with “just sayin…” and not sounded like a gigantic ball of douchebaggery.

“Ohhh a product on Woot made by a brand that I don’t like! Better make sure everyone knows I don’t like it!”

Save $40 and go on Ebay - Geek Squad Certified 42MM go for $259. Great condition, totally functional and no signs of wear. Woot - love you guys but it’s time to start being competitive again.

Is there any way for someone at Woot! to tell us “buyer’s remorse” shoppers if these watches will qualify for Apple Care?

Is this Gen1 or Gen2?

…show me a Gen2, please.

Looks like Geek Squad Price is $296.65 with free shipping.