Apple Watches

Are these refurbished by Apple?


Don’t be so detailed! :slight_smile:

Any idea where these are coming from? Are they actually refurbished or are they simply “used” watches?

They are refurbished by a 3rd party.

The headings are misrepresentative. Normally, you could say ‘Apple Watches’ and be fine BUT the ‘Apple Watch’ is a specific model.

Which these are not. If they are, change the specs.

The specs indicate that these are Apple Watch Sport.

You are correct. Sport has been added to the title.

Covered under Apple mfg warranty?

Warranty is listed at the bottom of the features. This has a 90-day woot warranty.

So, then, these products should look and act as a new product, and be free of anything but the absolute most minor physical defects. So, it’s not like we are going to be getting a watch that is scratched or damaged, correct?

We list items as “Scratch & Dent” when that condition applies.

The Apple watch is the most comfortable among the smart watches I tried. I usually hate the way watches feel when wearing them. The apple watch felt natural. It also did best with battery life and had pretty good app integration, along with a very wide selection of apps.

Surprisingly the biggest letdown was the notification controls. They are not configurable enough, which is a problem being that notifications (for me anyway) was the biggest reason to get one. Dismissing spam mail at a glance still saves me lots of time though.

My biggest praise however its the integration with OmniFocus and Google calendars. Following my schedule from the watch is way easier than using the phone app.

Too bad it isn’t compatible with android. I would get it just for the nfc tap to pay but am an android phone user.

I understand that it comes with a 90 day Woot warranty, but does the original manufacturers warranty exist at all in addition to the Woot warranty?

No, Woot warranty only.

what kind of packaging does it come in? Is it the nice apple packaging which would make a nice gift?

Sorry for the delayed reply. Vendor confirms:

Apple original packaging

So, you obviously have never tried a Pebble Steel or Pebble Time Steel. They are VERY comfortable. I’ve not tried the new Round versions and think the original plastic one is rather dumb.

Again, you have obviously never tried a Pebble. Battery life on them is 1 WEEK. Not 1 DAY. Granted, it doesn’t have quite the depth of app offerings, there are still very many out there with more being developed all the time.

I think notification controls is a big deal for everyone. They are still a tiny bit of a pain on the Pebble, but you quickly learn how to turn off the specific parts to keep it from going to your phone.

Anyway, enough about the Pebble. Just wanted to point out how silly those statements were about comfort and battery. Batteries on Apple Watch are ridiculously short.

I bought 2 Apple Watch Sports at Best Buy new for this price $249 last month, can’t you still?

No. That was for the Holiday only. They are now $349. at Best Buy and everywhere else. For now anyway, Apple will announce their new Apple Watch 2 in March then prices may fall.