Wow, 1st generation iPads! These definitely have some significant limitations - you’ll always be stuck a few OS versions back (which may keep you from using more and more apps over time), there’s no camera (so they don’t make a good video Skype terminal), and they have a very limited amount of RAM. But they’re still good for surfing the net, checking email, and other basic functions. Here are a couple of interesting pages/discussions about the uses and value of older iPads:

reddit: Is 1st gen iPad worth buying in 2013?
ComputerWorld: Still got a first-gen iPad? Don’t ditch it yet

Apple sure is proud of their 4 year old tech. I’d have thought the price on refurbs would be less than that.

Have you met this company??

Can this thing run Candy Crush. If I’m buying a Candy Crush machine, I’d rather spend $100 than $500

Candy Crush FAQ says it only runs on iPad 2 and later. These 1st Gens are just too old.

Any info. out there on who did the refurbishing?

No, sorry. The work is done by a 3rd party and they carry a Woot warranty.

Ipad for $100?!?! Never thought I’d see such a thing!!!

I run candy crush on my first generation Ipad… I only bought it a couple months back for music, movies on the plane, candy crush and slotmania… for 100 bucks you can’t go wrong

Just wait a couple more years, it might hit 99$.

That’s an absurd price for a Core2Duo laptop. You can get a first-gen i7 from Dell outlet for under $300.

A note for the DIY crowd, the MacBook can physically take 4gb of RAM, but will only make use of 3gb.


Can anyone tell me what year model the macbook is?

Should be this model, released in mid-2009.

Will this MacBook be able to run OSX Mavericks / Yosemite?

Dont do it, that mac book is already locked out of Apple technology. it’s just hanging on. good luck getting snow leopard on it. All the updated like iMovie and Aperture and Final Cut Pro will never run on this mac.

I have two in our household, both this model and both running Snow Leopard without incident. Going to move up to 10.7 this weekend, if only to stay moderately current.

They are old, and getting a little sluggish but certainly decent for every day use.

Untrue. The minimum requirements for Mavericks (10.9) include the Mid-2009 MacBook… and technically, it’ll even run on the 2 GB this laptop includes. (

I don’t disagree you should run screaming from this laptop, though. This laptop is antique, and slower than snot. Plus, the RAM (at the very least) would have to be bumped up to do anything productive with it.

If you want a cheap Mac laptop, find a standard PC laptop that works well as a “Hackintosh.”

I’m wondering how good the refurbishing work is considering it is listed as a 3rd party that has done it. Would it be comparable to a factory refurbished unit? Also, what condition is the unit itself in? Is this shipped from a factory or someone’s home?