REALLY!!! 949.99 for a 2 year old 11in macbook air. The specs listed below are for a brand new 11in. model for $50 more. This is ridiculous. People are selling these models on ebay for $500±. I expect more of WOOT.


11-inch : 128GB
1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz
Intel HD Graphics 5000
4GB memory
128GB flash storage

For anyone who’s looking at buying the iPad Mini; you can find a the same model in stores locally for around $300 new. Microcenter, if there is one near you, often has them on sale for $300 now. Bought 1 about a month ago as a gift for my sister. Best Buy will price match too.

I’m confused. Refurb 7th gen Nanos are $99 (vs 109+ s/h here) with free shipping at, and brand new, current model iPod Shuffles are $49, with free shipping (vs 43 + s/h for older model here). Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks for the heads up. I almost bit on this!

Thats what I was thinking about the MacBook Air, the new ones (which I am considering) have the new Haswell chip or whatever, that makes the battery last 12 hours, and the price is basically the same.

I got one of the refurb tiny shuffles awhile back…it lasted about 9 months and then simply stopped working. Don’t live near an apple store and not worth mailing it in for fixing!

I love my shuffle, by the way. I have an older ipod, but using it in the car was at least as distracting as texting… I’d look to see who was playing, or try to find a particular song at 65 per. I asked for a shuffle for Christmas and it’s weaned me off of that habit.

But the coolest thing is I got audio in my ski helmet, which normally would run a wire down to my jacket, (I’m too cheap for the bluetooth version), but I got a 6" cable for the shuffle and just stuff the whole thing into the helmet’s ear flap. Now I can start/stop/change song/volume with my gloves on, just by hitting the right spot on my helmet…

Apple’s outlet area has a refurb 11" Air, slightly slower processor but but newer with better memory.

Apple specs taken from

Woot Air vs. Apple outlet Air

Originally released
Mid 2011 vs. June 2013

1.6GHz vs. 1.3GHz

2GB DDR3 RAM vs. 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM

64GB of flash memory vs 128GB flash storage

Intel HD 3000 vs. Intel HD Graphics 5000

802.11b/g/n vs. 802.11a/b/g/n

2x USB 2.0 vs. 2x USB 3

$950 vs. $850.

So why would pay $100 to get an older computer with a processor thats 0.3GHz faster but seemingly worse in all other respects?

I am puzzled as well. I looked this up on Mactrakcer to confirm the specs. Seller refurbished ones are going for $699 on ebay. The only advantage I see to this sale is that since this qualifies under Apple’s one year warranty and you can get Applecare for it, then it is factory refurbished. I would steer clear of seller refurbished unless they have a stellar record. I ONLY buy Apple factory refurbished and have never had one problem, but, price gouging Woot!? Really?

The MacBooks were stated as Factory Reconditioned with an Apple warranty.

Apple controls the market pricing pretty tightly on their products.

They are greedy bastards!

One of the many reasons I avoid Apple.

When I bought my 16GB iPad Mini from Apple they only charged $329. Why does the listing say it cost $349 MSRP?

Yep, this is no deal at all. The iPods refurbed by Apple are the same as new and come with a full one year warranty. If you buy them here you’ll pay more and not be assured that they’re refurbished correctly. Bad deal.

which is why these shouldn’t be showing up on Woot. Seriously a FOUR PERCENT discount on the 16GB 4th Gen Ipad – buying it somewhere that doesn’t charge sales tax results in a bigger savings.

None of these deals are woot-worthy – at least there was a time when they would not have been. Ahhh well…blah, blah, blah…

I’ve got my shuffle in my left front ski jacket pocket for the same reason. I wonder if people think I’m purposely hitting my breast, sometimes several times in a row.

Soooooo…I am along the same understanding as everyone else on the macbook air price…I mean, seriously?!

Best Buy sells the EXACT same laptop for 880

What I can’t believe is the fact that Woot sold out of them. People should really research more before purchasing. And frankly, if this is what I have to expect from Woot in the future, I will not be coming back.

As I understand it, price coercion is illegal. All Apple can legally do is set a suggested retail price and sell it to a supplier for whatever discounted rate. If any strings are attached to your relationship for price control, then Woot! should report it to the FTC.

According to his biography, Steve Jobs has done it before.

Refurb 7th generation 16GB iPod Nanos are all $99 with free shipping straight from

This is not a good deal at all.

Someone mentioned the savings on tax here, which is worth noting. Most places offer free shipping though, which though minor, means people will save less.

Also, iPad mini refurb is 279 on and 4th gen retina is 419. Not to mention that since Apple is announcing something new about iPads in 2 weeks, the prices will probably drop soon (thus the push to sell now). I just bought the retina refurb from earlier this week.