Appsclusive! $10 T-Shirts: January 25th, 2023

Same. I ordered a few shirts from woot and within six months of only occasional wear (maybe one every 2-3 weeks) they were all almost unreadable. Sad to say it seems like the quality just isn’t there.


Let’s see, it allows me to see 40 shirts on one side and less on the other. Not impressed

Even if you don’t use the app and try to shop the “24” pages, you get to see a couple pages worth and then it defaults to ONE “urban” shirt. WTH?

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Oh there’s a trick for that. Log in and shop the shirt site on desktop and add what you want to the cart. Then open the app and when you log in the shirts should be in your cart.


Thank you Pepper!


No thank you. I’m over cats already.

Animated GIF

Disclaimer: Search results of the Catshirtswoot CATalog is electronically performed and may contain an occasional catshirt.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

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They don’t? :thinking: Someone needs a spanking then. Unless they enjoy that sort of thing, then it gets withheld.

Edit to add. It only took $5 off a long sleeve I tried in the cart as well.

See line 3.

We’ll apply the discount of $5 per item to the subtotal on the final checkout screen in the APP only. Any $19 t-shirt will receive an additional $4 discount, making all your shirts $10!

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Beat me to it.

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Sorry, the devil is in the excessively long rules and regulations. Blame @davejlives.

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Sorry. I’m on a weekly project meeting (via Teams) right meow and if it’s anything like last week, my level of participation will be “Hello everyone.” and “Thanks, bye!”

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You only have to do them once a week? Lucky! Tell Steve I said he could go eat…uh so nevermind about Steve.

If the others are ALSO sentient piles of t-shirts…

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He be like this:


He hasn’t even woken up yet today. We’ll be lucky if we get some garbled mumblings about the supply chain through a mouth full of breakfast oreos.

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What kind of Oreos?

I wanna try these:

Breakfast ones.

I thought that said the moist oreo.