April 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!! 💩

It’s the Penguins. Must be burned! [flyers fan here]


Is anyone else still waiting for the shipping info for their Buster or Chaplin? Is it just me? :frowning:

Have you tried contacting Customer Service?

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Not yet, I thought I’d check here first, but I will…

Looks like the plug end for a 30 amp connection for a travel trailer.

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My Bits Of Crust arrived today! YAY!

Filled to the brim with excitement, anticipation, fun, happiness and… disappointment.

First, my main Woot Crap Model, Jetta, passed away just recently, so Chevy is taking on the role as much as he can. He tried to stay awake for the entire photoshoot, but he’s 14 it was tough for him. Next time, I’ll try bribing him with treats.

Poker Chips! Chevy shows us $2,500. in $100. poker chips. He dreams of spending them on sausages and bacon.

Two LED nightlight 15A light switches! Kinda cool, actually.

And once again, Chevy is here to model the latest in hat fashion trends, an Orange Safety Hat!

A Bright Orange Safety Vest and a “My Pony Wig”! Super-spiffy! WOW! Worn together, they would make quite a fashion statement!!

Crime scene and Quarantine Lunch Bags!
Chevy, always worried someone may eat his lunch, is so happy to have his meat sandwiches safely inside these wonderful bags!

An NHL Team license plate, Scrapbooking stickers and an Orange folder! These three items are so stupendous!

A Blue Woot Shopping bag and a Brown? Shalin Panel?! I’ve waited years for such a shalin panel so my shalins can now be paneled. WOW WOW WOW! And I :green_heart: woot shopping bags!

A SL Cardinals Key Chain, A Coat Hook, A Hinge & a Mystery Part! These items alone are enough to bring joy to the entire world. Hmmm… That could be a song… YAY!

And last, Chevy is eager and happy to show off a Woot Gift that outdoes all other gifts. A gift that he was woofing with happiness. A set of Woot Sticky Note Thingys!

Chevy and I want to Thank Woot for such a great clucking time! We’re happy & disappointed! :+1:



Chevy needs more kisses. Please bestow them on my behalf.


• Planes, trains, and automobiles swaddle blankets (perfect for all those children I don’t have!)
• Large dog jean harness (aka Jarness™)
• 4 foot string of pearls
• Walk the Line DVD
• Mr. & Mrs. Muffins CD
• Woot paper bag
• A 7-step (???) nail file
• Play version of The Grapes of Wrath
• Woot post-it notes!
• Ball of 99 hairbands (which I actually really needed!)
• Martha Stewart paper ball craft that looks like it’s been sitting in a JoAnne’s fabric store since 2002
• Screaming Woot slingshot monkey
• Knife/cutting board combination tool that is actually just a complicated pair of scissors
• Fitbit cover

First bag of crap, and it definitely lived up to its name! Thanks, Woot!!

(Also, bonus cat interrupting pic)


Sorry for taking so long to post my BoC. Here it is.

Hammer time multi tool
Fantastic Beasts movie book
Roominate Pet Vet Van
Poppit mini clay cupcake maker
144 pc Easter Egg set
small dog sweater
a nice coffee cup
XXL t shirt (my neighbor needs more clothing so keep sending XXL in these BoC and he will eventually get a full wardrobe, so thank you :slight_smile: )
Crime scene/ quarantine baggies (my vet’s office got a kick out of them)
Topdeck sunglasses
and a wonderful Woot bag which I will use for shopping every week.

Here is a cat tax for being late. Meet Doggie, my new companion who seems to like Woot stuff as much as I do.


I’m finally getting around to posting my 8 lbs of crap! The shaker set will come in handy this weekend!

Bacon stickers
Turkey decoration
KC Royals tire stickers
Penguins purse
Booney hat
Cocktail Shaker set
Green Woot bag


Well, my BOC went to my prior woot’s delivery address (family member, 4 hours away), so I had to wait extra long for my disappointment. Once I met up with my box, I couldn’t wait to dig in. Here is what I found:

Snapware portable organizer
Alligator clips
USB A/B adaptor
Voices from beyond in Italian
Rembrandt-Aquarell magenta pencil
5/8 inch brass compression ring
Houston Texans shirt (XS, I am a 2X, lol)
50 ft CAT-6 cable
Torx key set
Penguin Holiday Toilet Tattoo
Five Nights at Freddy’s mask
Woot post it notes
Sony camera holster
6 in 1 screwdriver
Pumpkin Parts (like Mr Potatohead)
Galaxy 8 phone case
How to Catch an Elf book
Woot bag
And 50-100 self adhesive plastic bags (artificially got my hopes up from the weight)


My BOC arrived yesterday :grin:
Since my dog crossed the rainbow bridge, I do not have a pet to photobomb my crap, so please accept my legend of Zelda Link doll in her place, as she is here in spirit :cry:

-Red Tommie copper t shirt
(was excited until I opened it and realized it would have fit me when I was 10 lol)
-Tommie copper compression sleeve
-Woot dirty socks bag
(Link already claimed this)
-Doggie toothbrush cover
-Bacon box
-34 in long extension grilling fork
(I don’t have a bbq but it is excellent for stealing food of someone’s plate from afar :rofl:)
-Butter cards labels unsolicited inspiration
(Would it be mean to send to people who have a butter face… everything’s great but her face! Oh wait. That’s unsolicited information :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)
-Woot post it notes
(I’ll stick that shot everywhere)
-2 pc wine holder thingies
-Superhero card game
( will be playing that with my nephew)
-Hammer multi tool
4 NFL products
-San Francisco beanie
-Bears infinity scarf
-GB packers hand warmers
-Cowboys sweatbands set
(These will be worn at the same time during the next Super Bowl party. I go for the betting and the beer. Since football already confuses me, I may as well look like a confused fan lol)
-NCAA wake forest large dog hoodie
(Claimed by link as well)

Overall it was a good haul. Looking forward to winning another one.


Disappointment indeed!

Zero bags of texas air
1 cardboard box
1 package of hot pink (2 window set) of curtains
1 weekly planner
1 micro screwdriver set
1 green woot bag

the crappiest of crap! so crappy, i’m not going to even take a crappy picture!


I too am awaiting shipping information for my sack of disappointment and regret. I did contact Customer Service, and they mentioned that there were some issues with BOCs, and reassured me that it would indeed ship. At some point.


My experience was similar. They didn’t specifically mention the BoCs, but did indicate that the projected delivery date (5/9, in my case) would hold.

Its a very small looking medium. My 4yr old might be able to fit in it.

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I NEED TO SNUGGLE YOUR CAT. But since I can’t, please snuggle the wonderfully named Doggie on my behalf. Thank you.



Finally! Thank you for taking a Woot monkey picture that shows the cape color/design.


Who knew that someone would be so enthusiastic about a rooter-tooter?
Is anyone else concerned that they watched the whole video?!?!?! It was like a car wreck I could not look away!

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