April 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!! 💩

My niece and nephew will be so excited!

Woot bag
How to catch an elf book
Peppas Halloween party book
Phone case
Green Bay arm warmers
Small camera case
Temperd glass for tablet
Knex bullets
Finding Dory bath toy
Bunny peek a boo game (super cute)
And my favorite item… Hammer time multi tool that says… Can’t touch this :joy::joy::joy:
Oh and some cute woot sticky notes!

Thanks for not disappointing me again woot!


My 7lb BOC

Green Woot Bag
Baltimore Ravens NFL Burlap Market Tote
The Split Cam
Tommie Copper Girls Core Compression Sleeve (Large - Red)
Flipper Toothbrush Holder
Boston Bruins NHL Bracelet
UV Fluorescent Bulb 13W Starter Black Light
Rovio Angry Birds Bag
Modern medi-tation adult coloring book
Box of 10 Tree-Free Christmas Cards
CybrTrayd Chocolate and soap molding tray
Woot Post Its
Dress Along Dolly Rain Outfit for Doll


my placeholder is at 8.00lbs. it will be here Monday. I’m scared to see what disappointment my box may hold :slight_smile:

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My BoC has arrived:
4x Charcoal toothbrushes (we have teeth!)
1x Green Mortimer & Monte bag (we shop!)
1x Weekly planner (I’ve been meaning to take up planning)
1x pack of sticky notes (I like leaving notes for people)
1x iPhone 8 case (android family here)
20x rechargeable AA batteries (will use in home phone!)
1x Snoring aid (I snore!)
1x L Carolina sweatshirt (too small)
2x Revant replacement sunglasses lenses (have to figure out what frame they fit in)
1x pair Aisics socks (my wife has feet!)
1x package of Sony mini DVD-R discs (???)


We received:

  • 1 bag of partially deflated Texas air
  • 1 Pop Cam novelty camera
  • 3 ‘Groom Squad’ t-shirts (1 each of sizes M, L, and XL)
  • 1 ‘Mama Llama’ t-shirt
  • 1 snore prevention mouthpiece
  • 10 DVD-R discs
  • 1 pack of bait hooks
  • 1 Woot bag
  • 1 set of Woot sticky notes
  • 40 rechargeable batteries (2 boxes of 20 each)
  • 1 remote control helicopter part
  • 1 Washington Redskins shirt
  • 1 LSU shirt
  • 1 Cincinnati Bengals shirt

This box seemed more apparel-heavy than our previous BoCs, but the batteries will certainly come in handy. As usual, an eclectic mix of items. Unfortunately, that mix did not include another Woot monkey…

Hermetta decided to take a swim to celebrate her birthday. Hermetta arrived at our house on 4/29/17 as a present from ThunderThighs, and has happily kept swimming ever since. Remember, everyone: fish are friends, not food.


Novelty eye masks
Funny stickers
Boys copper compression knee sleeve
Giant pink dog collar
iPhone 6 soft case
Packers hand warmers
Texans hat
Christmas card
Keychain multi hammer
3D art toy
Peppa pig book
Glass Animals album


Sony camera case
I DO 3d pen
16oz cup
Pilates ring
M M bag
How to Catch an Elf x 2
Datasafe RFID protectors
Konjac Sponge
Phone case for Iphone 6
LIFX bulb
Superior 6w dimmable LED bulb
Case for Fire HD 7 inch
Woot post it notes
Pair of socks
Arty Farty rainbow pencils
Agent Carter season 1 dvd (YAY!)
Splash napkins
Colts M size shirt
XL Rasta Dog costume (too big for my Pomeranian :frowning: )
Create and Decorate book (is a hefty book)
2xxl Galaxy brand dress shirt


I finally got my butt of Colorado. It did not disappoint and I’m glad to see Woot still is being ecumenical and supporting all sports teams…this haul is left with my husband to sort through:
1 Woot bag (I kept that)
1 I fall asleep in meeting notebook (again mine)
1 serving spoon
1 hook
1 Velcro adhesive
Many woot post-it’s and name brand post-it’s
1 Raiders winter hat
1 Redskins winter hat
Cowboys wrist and head sweat bands
Writeable DVDs
1 Tornado necklace
1 mustache mold
Some hook thing the man is thrilled about

Thanks Woot!


Nearly forgot - obligatory husbands cats photos.


Slow Jo here. My niece ( DezMo ) and I both received a bag of crap on the same day, so she brought hers over to open together and we are posting together too! DezMo’s grand-daughter helped us open the boxes.

First theirs!

2 funny yellow and white satiny Champagne necklace type holders, pretty classy.
Hair clip
PVC cutter
Indiana T-shirt
Super Duper large Jaguar shorts, large enough to fit the both of them!
Sony Camera Bag
Weekly planner
Pop sockets
Amazon Kindle screen protector
Baseball Keyring
Woot post-its
Woot bag

And here is mine!

Monster High Costume that my great-great niece modeled and loved, and possibly even slept in that night she loved it so much!
Izod Jeans 36x30 that a friend of my son’s was very excited to acquire!
Woot Bag
“Hello My Name Is” labels that I can use when my memory starts going
Weekly Planner & Pen that my grand-daughter took for school
Arty Farty rainbow pencils that my grand-daughter took to write on the weekly planner with
Woot Post-its
Zebra Mechanical Pencil
Stainless steel steamer
Troy Trojans Coffee Mug

Thanks for all the fun, these bags of crap are the best!




Little late posting but here’s my crappy crap posting.

1 - Blue Woot Bag
1 - Pad of Woot Sticky notes
1 - pack of Brad’s Fishing beads
1 - Pack of Crime Scene Sandwich Bags
1 - Monster High costume
100 - Spiral Binding coils
1 - String of Fish Lights
1 - Painted Ceramic Tile
2 - Red & White satin can holders (strange)
1 - Keychain multi-tool
1 - Kids Pet Van Toy Set
4 - How to Catch an Elf books
1 - Medium Detroit Lions Jacket (Boo)

Thanks Woot, that’s quite the assortment of crap.


Here’s my crappy haul!

  1. Woot Bag
  • forgot the Woot sticky notes! The wife will put them to good use in her classroom!
  1. Battery powered candles
  2. Angry Birds bag
  3. Fishing lures
  4. Halloween cupcake kit
  5. Orange binder
  6. Ankle wrap
  7. Heavy duty ziplock bags
  8. Hunger Games coloring book
  9. Insulated plastic cup
  10. Roll of packing tape

The brothersaurus was sad that there was no screaming monkey to add to our monkey family, but he quickly got distracted by everything else.


Got my Bit of Crust on Woot-off, it may have had higher level of disappointment provided than usual. And apparently big disappointment comes in smaller boxes than previous woot crap.

On to the stuff:

Green woot M&M Bag; Woot Post Its
Tennessee womens shirt large $18 wrong team
Alyssa Milano JETS shirt large $15 - wrong team
Auburn Star Wars Flag $40 -wrong team
2 pocket portfolio $1 - Can be useful, heavy duty
Virginia Cavs car emblem $9 - REALLY WRONG TEAM, they beat Texas Tech in championship game!
precision screwdriver set $1 - Never hurts to have
Large Flameless candles $4 - I miss fire!
1 panel blackout curtain $15 - Just one curtain… maybe fabric is useful.


I must say that I was ready for thorough disappointment as I opened my Build out Carport. Once again Woot has disappointed me, I was thrilled with the crap that I received! Clearly the amazing humans who put together these bags of crap did way too much research on me prior to selecting items for my BOC, so to those wonderful humans, I thank you.

Here’s what I received:
*2 Beagle Toothbrush holders (future stocking stuffers for my little one)
*A Medium Broncos sweater (just my size and my team… and yes, the Broncos have been crap so I understand including them in the bags of crap. I never stated I make good decisions, I did fight for a BOC, should show you where my life choices are at.)
*A rechargeable flashlight
*A GearForte Posture Corrector (yes my posture is terrible, thank you for the reminder :rofl:)
*A Georgia Tech long leash (perfect for when I bring my dogs to work)
*A wire and cable organizer (needed in my household, no question!)
*A 10 pack of DVRs (totally understand Woot, just throw these bad boys in every BOC, who uses these now a days??)
*A Woot Tote
*Woot Sticky Notes

All and all, well over $75 worth of crap! Most of which I will be using!!
Thanks Woot!! Next time I win one of these bad boys, I wear a size Big Screen TV! :heart:


I use DVDRS and rar files for offsite secure backups and store them in a safety deposit box.


Especially if you’re Michael Kenyon.

Just ask Frank Zappa:


1 small Serta pet bed
1 PE compress air tubing
1 XL Raiders shirt. NFL brand
1 Mortimer pillow
1 Ozaki iPhone 6 case

  1. What in the world card game
  2. Pack of 100 magazine mailers


My BOC finally arrived and great crap it is.

  1. How to Catch an Elf book
  2. Usb car charger (never can have enough)
  3. Pop socket pic of kitty
  4. Harley Quinn bath duck, (granddaughter claimed)
  5. Iphone 6 wallet style case (again claimed by GD. Bought one from Amazon came today too of course)
    6 .Womens large Arizona Cardinals shirt (gd again lol)
  6. Fishing? Hunting? hat
    8.compresser hose WTF
    9.Huge bucket of gears bulding block toys (took up most of the box)
    10.compression sleeves
    11.woot post it notes
  7. Woot bag
    13.Random festival music cds
  8. Surveillance camera (MINE!)