April 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!! 💩

  • Beyblade Top
  • Small Screwdriver Set
  • Hard Shell Note Pad
  • Star Wars Utensils
  • Sport Team Body Decorations
  • Woot Bag
  • Woot PostIt Tags (lacking on the :poop: factor)
  • Balaclava
  • Kids Costume


Look who’s back.

Today’s haul:

  • Tote bag
  • Go Pong set (sets? 50 cups, 5 ping pong balls)
  • Christmas light shaped chocolate/soap mold
  • 3/4 of a cornhole bean bag set (Pitt)
  • Paper turkey
  • Crime Scene sandwich bags
  • High visibility reflective sun hat
  • Knife protector
  • Woot post-it notes

I think we’ll find uses for about half the items. Not my worst BoC, but not the best either. A solid meh out of five.


Thanks, Woot, for the excitement, joy, disappointment… all the feels that go along with a boc.

bracelet of clams

Shipping info:
Est. Del.: 4/24
Weight: 6.4 lbs

0 x texas air
1 x woot bag
1 x woot labels
2 x girl squirrel underpants
1 x how to catch an elf book
1 x crystal designer studio
1 x ortiz 34 figurine
1 x precision screwdriver set
1 x la rams hat
1 x superman dog costume
1 x invospa handheld massager (cracked, but works)
1 x l green ethiopian cross shirt


If you need help with those squirrel underpants I heard @daveinwarshington and @hot72chev are experts.


  • Blue m&m bag
  • woot post-it’s
  • 8pk of pencils
  • Holiday napkins
  • Happy birthday stickers
  • A Much needed large dog leash
  • Surface mount LED light For a boat
  • Green bay packers sports utility gloves
  • 49ers med shirt
  • pedometer
  • Gearforte posture Corrector
  • A super sweet bacon storage box with STICKERS!
  • and lastly a boomer safety hat!

Ummmm yeah woot, I’m gonna need you to try a little harder if you want to disappoint…

2 x baby bibs - should be perfect for my 7mo old
1 x woot bag
1 x 12 pack of black soft artist pencils
1 x orange safety booney had - perfect for yard work
1 x multi hammer shaped key ring tool
1 x drink holder shaped like funny character
1 x pack of woot stickies
1 x pack of regular #2 pencils
1 x GearForte posture corrector
1 x Donatello mask - perfect for upcoming halloween costume for my boy
1 x welcome to australia flag thingy
1 x homeowners journal

and … 1 x pic of me wearing mask and hat


Oh and the must needed cat photo.
She was sleeping when I was taking pictures of the woot loot.


[quote=“thardesty, post:249, topic:414014”]



My BoC day crap came a few days ago:

Good Stuff:
Box of 10 Sony Mini-DVD-R disks with three plastic cases and a storage wallet
Box of 4 Maxcare Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes
Set of Wireless Airbuds, unwaxed

OK Stuff:
2 Pack of Bar-b-cue thermometers
HandHarness Bracelet
Weekly Planner (with pen!)

Not So Good Stuff:
Two cell phone cases
F Gore (SF) Large T-shirt
Pink dog blanket

Wooty Stuff:
Green Monkey Bag
Monkey with Woot! red cape
Wooty sticky notes

The DVD-Rs will possible be useful. I’ll give the charcoal toothbrushes a try. I haven’t tried the earbuds yet, but they might be useful if they work with my phone.
I’ll give the shirt and dog blanket away at the next Baltimore Science Fiction Society meeting.
The rest goes in the box for the charity auction Bag of Crap at Balticon this year.

Rowan does a low hover over the crap while Willow and Albus inspect.


Apologies for the not fantastic picture but I gave preference to this one as it also included glowing eyed cat.
The box, I’m sorry to say, included very little disappointment. I know you guys tried to make it disappointing by having it delivered in the 7 inches of rain we’ve gotten today BUT alas, my postal workers are amazing and wrapped it up safely in plastic.

In the box:
Woot monkey pillow - will get set aside for kids random holiday gift picks
Woot sticky notes
iphone 6 case
woot paper ? bag - great for holiday random gift picks
What’s the Word card game (will go to my brother who has a board game cafe)
package of wireless ear buds
sage green queen sized comforter (has already been put on the bed - puppy kind of chewed through the prior one and we had not gotten around to replacing it so this will work great for now!)

Thanks Woot!


got mine today got to admit pretty disappointing but lots of FUN! thanks


No. Just no.

ps… Go Squarryls!



Look at all the stuff!


-bacon treasure box. Not for storing bacon, but a storage box decorated with bacon. Includes bacon stickers. BACON STICKERS!

-hammer time multi-tool. Enbossed with the words “can’t touch this”

Someone dug deep in the crazy shed for this stuff. Thanks!


What’s that thing in the top left of the first picture?




One BOC landed on the porch with a thud full of disappointments.

  • Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup shirt 2016 size medium (no one here is that size unless you count the small human)
  • Scalp massager
  • “Cashmerino” socks for small feet (again, no one here is that size)
  • Tenkai knights toy–hello birthday party gift purgatory
  • Sassy notebook–gonna bring some inappropriate sass to my next work meeting
  • NFL reader glasses–you callin’ me old, woot monkey?
  • MBL sunglasses strap
  • Woot monkey with extra disappointment in the form of weak velcro and a silent scream
  • Beach toys–extra handy for that late spring snow here in Wisconsin
  • Woot postits
  • 3d doodle pen
  • Woot bag
  • Pendaflex legal folder
    Mystery inflatable that my husband almost lost a lung inflating–turned out to be an inflatable ottoman that our small human claimed to do her own stunts. It is now called the Disappointing Stunt Chair

Thanks woot, for a solid ten minutes of entertainment…errrrr…disappointment for less that $2/lb of crap!


I forgot to mention how excited I was about the Woot post-its. I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED!


The gear building set alone is worth $40

Excellent BOC!