April 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!! 💩

Love your rock/do-dad collection shelf!

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Your cats always, always, always makes me smile.


The power of kitty compelled you. Good choice.


  • Blue bag
  • Woot sticky notes
  • Oriole’s car seat cover
  • Chicago Fire Socks
  • Green Bay Hand Warmers (contraband around here)
  • 2 pack scrubbing sponges
  • Multi-Tool
  • Back Country Whoopie (inflatable sled…Maybe we’ll have one more snow storm)
  • 4 pack G-Flex pens
  • 2 Christmas cards
  • Xacto Knife
  • Grilling Fork
  • Outdoor light socket
  • Nail File
  • Watermelon Tap
  • Roominate Zoey’s Pet Vet Van

Thanks Woot!


I got my bag during last woot off and this is worst box ever. No joke. It had my be 6 dollar store items. It was half size of normal boxes. I hope this is not a trend. Quality already dropped from old woot, so further drops may lead to everyone abandoning like other junk box sites.

I got bedazeler, post it notes, robbers mask, green crap bag, a random small curtain.


Forgot to get a picture before all of the disappointment was spread throughout my house. But here is what awfulness was included:

(1) Green Woot Bag
(1) Set of Woot! Post-It Notes
(1) Sony Camera Bag (I swear I get a camera bag in every BOC!)
(1) Baby sized fleece blanket with Tulips on it
(1) Cleveland Browns Scarf
(1) XXL Kansas City Chiefs Hoodie (could possibly fit Coach Andy Reid)
(1) Ladies Medium Arkansas Razorbacks Plaid button down shirt
(1) Interchangeable Screwdriver w/ 6-Bits
(1) Orbeez Crush & Draw Set
(1) Fantastic Beasts Coloring Book
(1) Fantastic Beasts Character Guide
(1) Fantastic Beasts Movie Handbook


My Buster or Chaplin arrived yesterday! Behold it’s Craptastic contents:

We have:
1 pair of LA Rams gloves (why do you need gloves in LA? Isn’t it always warm there?)
1 package of ‘little house stickers’ that my wife told me are actually picture corner holders (I’m a guy. They’re little house stickers!)
1 Eyewear Croakie (Super useful - someone in the warehouse screwed up! These will keep my eyewear on my face!)
1 Box of Colored Pencils
1 Small Mast Antenna (I have NO idea what device this belongs to)
1 Dragon Games Holly O’Hare costume (Too big for the cats, too small for me!)
1 NFL Desktop Collectible Helmet Sculpture - Atlanta Falcons edition (This thing has some heft to it - so it should make a great doorstop - in the garage - since I’m an Eagles fan)
1 Woot Post-it Notes
1 Woot Blue Bag
1 Butterfly Knife

And the Grand Finale:
1 Girl Squirrel Underpants!!!

Now I just have to figure out how to catch a Girl Squirrel!

Thanks again, Woot, for $10 well spent on entertainment and major disappointment!!!


Woot screaming monkey

Woot post it notes

? Bag

Despair pennant

Large women’s Green Bay packers shirt

Rainbow baseball lanyard

Cutting wheel

Hair band ball

Chicken paddleball game

Large screw eye

Peppa Halloween book

Opened powerpuff playset

Roll of masking paper

Stylus sling

Remington nose ear and brow trimmer

Pack of coloring postcards

Small flying bird blanket


1 reusable Woot bag
2 Powerade water bottles
1 toddler puppy toothbrush holder
1 bacon box
1 foam roller
1 Seattle Mariners auto emblem
2 world’s great niece keychains
1 pack of Woot post-its
1 pack of fur yarn
1 random laptop (maybe Dell or HP) charger
1 Japanese zipper toy
1 GearForte posture corrector
1 scalp massager

I think I’m most excited about the bacon box to store all my meatly treasures. Definitely a BoC full of disappointment


I’m sorry your bag wasn’t what you were expecting. That is part of the randomness of the crap that the contents can vary wildly from one bag to the next.

I disagree that the quality of the bags has dropped since the Old Woot. I remember getting very cheap dollar store stuff in many bags early on (I’ve been doing it since 2007). We’re talking very cheap cap guns, crappy magic tricks, small plastic gun replicas, etc. I remember looking at stuff I received back then and feeling like you do now. But then I did it again. And again. And again. :slight_smile:

But come on… someone received underpants for female squirrels and another got an enema bag. That sort of entertainment is well worth $10 here and there.


Woot, woot, it was an interesting one. Grace the cat was engaged.

Large Panthers decal
Orange Booney hat
Apsara Thai MMA shorts
25’ ethernet
HO scale fishing figurines
35mm PopArt camera
Power Rangers DX Battle Station
Woot bag
Woot stickies

Thanks, Woot!


I agree! I keep getting them, good or bad and eventually one comes along that makes a year’s worth of crappy crap craptastic! Myself or my husband have gotten a DVD/BluRay player, 300.00 watch that he wears daily, sheets for our guest bed, hydration backpack, and those are just the higher priced items…the best things are the monkeys and the stuff that makes me laugh.

I say Woot…don’t change a thing!


Holy BOC!

A captains hat, a a sifter, a cup with a college logo of an angry chicken, a book, a grungy purple folder, a brown paper question mark bag, a tiny Olaf pillow pet, a Woot monkey, pearls, a light-up faucet aerator, a running fanny pack, a nail file, and a ceramic light up snail. Oh and some Woot Post-Its!


The rams were in St Louis, it gets cold there

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And sometimes you get something valuable to others. A few bags back, I got a Power Rangers toy gun. Not very interesting to me, but someone on EBay bought it for over $100. That $100 covers my next ten BoCs, so I can keep playing the game!


So true! Within days of a bag of crap hitting our doorstep and I have what we don’t want posted on our local Buy Nothing Project facebook page. Our neighbors LOVE my addiction to BOCs, they cant wait til I get them. Also, my next door neighbor is a teacher at a K-8 school, I give her all the kid stuff for their incentive store. Kids earn points/tickets for good stuff and get to buy things with the tickets.

It’s all good!


I only try to sell something that looks particularly valuable on EBay. Most of the rest of the items I don’t want get packed up into big boxes and get donated to the Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s Books for Kids charity auction. The crap has sold well in the past and have purchased many books for kids that don’t have any of their own.


Got my B0C today!

Lots of stuff, most not useful - but I :heart: Woot, so I’m happy to take what they give :blush: The tank top is perfect tho! It says “Step aside coffee; this is a job for alcohol”. Sad that the beach sign came broken, I liked it.

I have no idea what the yellow thing is, so I’m off to Google it, lol.

Here’s the loot:

Thanks Woot!


First crap ever!

I have been told this is not the best crap ever, but not the best. I’ll definitely try again!

We got…

a Table Runner
Orange Booney Hat
Orange Auburn University shirt
Woot bag
Party straws
Bacon Box
Lions headband
Charger Sweatshirt
Put directly in Garbage woot tags

Thanks for the fun!
I’ll be back!


This is definitely the largest box of disappointment I’ve received. Definitely some interesting things.

1 x pipe wrench
1 x unknown College football tshirt (donate)
1 x Seattle Sounders tshirt (keep)
1 x Green Bay Packers t-shirt (donate)
1 x Bomber hat
1 x Vikings knit hat
1 x complete first season Agent Carter
1 x chalk board
1 x Woot monkey tags/notes
1 x 2 pack kids outdoor tshirts
1 x 3D pen
1 x small kids pirate hat
1 x hard plastic cup with straw
1 x sony camera bag
1 x large Woot bag
1 x wire head massager

And finally, Woot you have insulted me beyond all insults. As a life long Washington Capitals fan, you’ve deeply hurt me by sending me a Penguins shirt.

That Penguins shirt will be ending its days on top of my fire pit.