April 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!! 💩

Feely Meely? I don’t remember that and I have to say it sounds a bit pervy.

Surely I’m older than you, TT, just realized I’m now in the septuagenarian group why have I NEVER heard of that?

Feely Meely??

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I was too busy playing with my April :poop: I totally forgot to post it here!

So without further ado.

Oh cool, a bag!

woot! woot!

Unrelated, my cats on the hunt for more :poop:


It was one of my favorite games.


Ah Ha! Feely Meely, >1967<, I was in college, so unlikely to be anywhere near that game.
Still sounds a tiny bit pervy. Or at least college students playing it would have been.

Finally posting my CRAPS!!

I got:

Baltimore Ravens Hoodie – Medium
Tote bag that supposedly once held dirty socks (I don’t believe it)
Note book that promises that I’ll stay awake for the meeting this time (I won’t)
Toilet flange kit (I just like to say FL AN GEEE)
Some cute little post its.
Screwdriver kit
Fishing lures
Christmas plates
Trifold wallet - with the emblem of a sports team (O’s??)

Forgot to mention the set of 3 tote bags with dogs on them.

Horrible haul. So disappointed. The only thing that would have disappointed me more was if there had been a letter…hint hint…


I got a set of used telephones once and some used ink pens. :smiley:


I’m finally getting around to posting my Bag of Crap from the monkey game in April. (I plead extreme disappointment for my lateness.)

Patriots bowling shirt - size 2XL (wrong team, wrong size, wrong sport (bowling))
Saints bowling shirt - size L (wrong team, wrong sport (bowling))
Frank Gore SF 49ers football jersey - size L (wrong team)
Amado Magic Salad Maker
Sensaguard Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves - size S - (way too small)
Rabbit Freezable Beer/Beverage Glasses (2-pack) - (using these for iced tea/coffee)
Amado Portable Sewing Machine
Sony camera case
Woot post-its - (will use these as bookmarks)
Sony mini DVD-RW disks (10-pack)
Redskins winter hat - (now that it’s finally spring) (wrong team)
Woot shopping bag - (added to our stock of shopping bags)
Gunter Burkhardt Castelli game - (family game night?)

I’m suitably disappointed, but the freezable glasses ($35) & shopping bag probably made this worth it.


I think I forgot to post a thanks for the disappointment post. Here it is:
Balloons, folder, bag, Jerry rice shirt, devil horns, rando light switch. RUBBER CHICKENS!! 2 pack candles. Woot post-it notes. Nice fresh air.



picture didn’t appear for some reason.


Here is your giant pink dog.

I happened to it… as soon as I opened the box :cry:

Sorry I’m late folks, been a crazy couple of months! I figured better late than never.

The list and thoughts:

The bags:

  • Sony camera bag (empty, as was pointed out by an above poster)
  • Angry Birds bag (that song is looping through my head make it stop!)
  • The titular Woot bag (no bag of crap would be complete without this)

Sports Items:

  • Tennessee Titans scarf (Packers Fan Here)
  • New York Jets beach ball (starting to see a pattern here)
  • Cleveland Browns knit gloves (At least it’s not the Bears…lol)
    Note: In woot’s defense, if they included Packers themed stuff, it wouldn’t be crap now, would it? :wink:


  • SuYi bracelet (as a single guy, it took me a while to acertain what this object even was, but that’s just me…lol)
  • Woot Post-It flags (it’s tempting to stick the “put directly in garbage” ones all over stuff at my dad’s place)

All in all, the disappointment was strong with this one. 10/10 would crap again. :smile:


Sorry for the delay with the April BOC, life’s been hectic.
Graduated from NP school, apartment flooded, work, eh.
BOC included:

  1. Stinky sock reusable bag
  2. XL children’s zombie hunter costume
  3. Composition notebook
  4. Watermelon Tap set
  5. Trellis net
  6. Plaque of Yankee Catcher Brian McCann with dirt from Yankee Stadium
  7. Dry Erase Sentence Strips (educational tool for niece/nephew)
  8. Multi-Tool Key Chain (useful)
  9. Sony Camera Case (will give to hubby for his el cheapo point and shoot)
  10. Socks
  11. Orbeez Crush and Draw (my niece will love this)
  12. Snarky Woot! post-its
  13. (Not pictured) mini-LED light strip.
    Overall, moderately disappointing bag with some useful crap.

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