Aqua Flosser Pro with 7 Tips and Bonus Tool K

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Aqua Flosser Pro with 7 Tips and Bonus Tool K
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Water flossing is wasteful at best. It is less beneficial than regular dental floss. It wastes water and it doesn’t clean anywhere as well as traditional dental floss. Anyone who argues otherwise is benefiting from it’s sale. Talk to your dentist, it’s a gimmick.

My dentist highly recommends it and says it is more effective at removing particulates. He also says that it is less harmful to the gums than floss. I know that since replacing string floods with my water pik my teeth have required little cleaning by our hygienist and the health of my gums has actually improved over the last five years.

My dentist highly recommends a water flosser. We have had our Waterpik for a couple of years now. Better checkup results than when we flossed.

What’s wasteful about it? The water you use? I use dental floss and then use the waterpik flosser and get a lot of stuff out of my mouth that I wouldn’t have without the water flosser. I think using both is the way to go. I also put an oral mouthwash solution in the tank mixed with warm water which helps destroy bacteria in your gums. I have had excellent results from using both and highly recommend a water flosser along with using dental floss.

My dentist recommends water flossing as well as regular flossing. Maybe first poster has stock in a floss company? :slight_smile:

With only 1 review on Amazon, FakeSpot won’t run on this particular product. Their other products, however, seem to have good, reliable reviews according to FakeSpot.

Such a funny post. It seems a trend now days. People saying if anyone disagrees with them they must be some other evil intent, no middle ground or moderate positions. In this case if we argue with the poster’s position we are benefiting from the sale and therefore self serving.

Well I’m not benefitting from the sale. I love my Waterpik. It has minimized my dental cleaning and gets so much junk out. I use it with water and Costco mouthwash mixed.

The one here at Woot is cheaper than my Waterpik. Might be a good deal.