Aqua Globe 5 Pack

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Aqua Globe 5 Pack
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 3 Mini Aqua Globes - AG091106
  • 2 Medium Aqua Globes - AG021106

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What has the world come to when Woot! makes me lose THE GAME?

For the record, the large ones are huge, too big for normal houseplants. Get the small ones, they are a more reasonable size…

the holidays are coming. and anyone, ANYONE, who knows an old lady can’t miss this deal.

in for 3.

and i’m sorry, mom.

I never thought I was a bubblehead until I tried using these - for the life of me (and the now deceased plants) I couldn’t get them to work as described. Ahh well, I still have my pet rock!

other than looks, are these really necessary?

Good, balanced review for anyone who hasn’t already bought 'em before.

These really blow. Dirt gets clogged in the stem and makes them useless. I actually tried to suck the dirt out of one and got a mouthful of grit as a reward. What did i expect?! Anyway, I’m disappointed woot.

The text says 2 large and 3 medium, while the top of the page and what’s included say 2 medium and 3 mini.

5 for Tuesday? Where’s two for Tuesday? I’m confused…did I miss the zombie apocalypse too?

I really need these, 'cuz I’m really lazy… however, I really need to know if they ** really** work, and how many fluid ounces or milliliters they really hold…


Five for Tuesday? Really? Five for Tuesday is a total alliteration fail. I’d much rather have a worse deal with proper alliteration than a good deal without it…

Product Website

OK - yes - that’s a good deal for five of them in a package, and yes - they do work! I have the "large’ globes in pots on the deck; here they need refilling about once a week; and they work exactly as described for keeping at least some moisture in the pots for the roots. There is a bit of a trick to filling the globes: tilt the stem so that a bit of air can escape as the water trickles down the stem to fill the globe — and before you go to stick it in the dirt, first use a pencil to make a hole for the stem to go into – they can break (hey, they’re glass you know!)- plus that way you won’t likely just plug it up with dirt and thus hinder their function. Totally recommended - especially at this price.

A friend has the minis, and she hates them. She says she has to refill them daily. She’s using them in small to medium potted plants kept indoors.

I’ve got the medium ones, and they’re great. I water well before filling them, and can usually go a week before they need to be refilled. Several of my plants seem thicker and greener with a steady source of water. Instructions say to use a stick or something to create a hole in the dirt before sticking these things in, but I’ve been too lazy for that. Haven’t broken one yet. (YMMV.)

They are a bit of a pain to clean and fill, though. I usually fill them by submerging them in an old kitty litter bucket full of water and holding them down for a couple of minutes. I usually clean them by… um… ignoring the green slime inside.

How are these packaged and shipped? Will they arrive in one piece or 5?

In for 3. Stocking stuffers for every chick I know… I’m also going to use this in my attempt to keep a houseplant alive for more than a week…

Let’s try golf ball through garden hose instead…