Aqua Globe 5 Pack

l a m e

lol, it changed it to overcooked.

…unpredictable tease

well this will move slowly

Woot-Off or Crap-Off ?

I bought a boatload of these a few times ago… they showed up in totally beat up boxes, but all in one piece…

buy 'em up!!!

Previous woot deal

Will these work with my 3 shelves?

Aqua Globes actually work, and this is a super good deal.

I just unboxed these a few seconds ago from the last time the were on Woot. The colors are very nice and the glass seems sturdy. I’m not sure about how well they’ll water your plants yet.

These things are terrible. I had a plant dry out once even though the globe was full. Now I hire people to water my plants when I’m gone. Sad lesson to learn.

Still not a good deal woot. while slightly cheaper than the SAME THINGS at dollar tree once you hadd $5 shipping its MORE than dollar tree

now make it 2 5 packs (so we can get 6 5 packs for $17) and your getting into market value territory.

make it 3 5 packs so 9 packs for $17 (shipped) and NOW your talking “woot”

took 3 for the team. Good gifts!

not again

I have these and these are very very disappointing. Dirt clogs the tubes and prevents any water from coming out… Consider these as a junkie gimick

This item will move slow until the stoners realize what these things really are :wink:

In for (3)… good Christmas gifts.

Is there any other use for these? I hate plants.

my first thought…