Aqua Globe 5 Pack


I am going to sleep, these ruined all my fun.

classic product. gotta love 'em

Could you drink beer from them?

just what i was looking for?

got a couple of these in my BoC

Finally! Thing I can buy for my grandma for an early xmas present. Thanks woot.

I would totally buy them for this…

Now imagine…bear with me here…scotch globes.

I don’t understand how you pack it

i just dont understand why they have to be the most 1970-riffic thing ever, cant they be clear, or a solid color?

Be sure to let us know the answer to this one. and by all means, pls post the you tube link here after you upload the taping of this.

One question, how do you plan to get the beer in the globe without spilling it?

These are terrible. My wife bought some and the idea is clever, but implentation is poor. The slender neck is incredible thin glass, and when you ‘push’ them into the dirt of a plant, dirt gets pushed up in the tube often requiring hassle time to get it out for the next fill… Plus I had two in the sink, someone placed a few dishes on top of them and one of the necks craked. Litterally paper thin glass. Stupid and fragile. of the 4 she got, now two are left and those are in the recycling bin right now… AVOID, IMO…