Aqua Globe Mini Globes – 3 Pack

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Aqua Globe Mini Globes - 3 Pack
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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come on!!!

These things are CRAP! They don’t work at all like they say they do.

Guaranteed to come in every bog of crap!

they must have a million of these!

At least the lights are still on! Their is still hope :smiley:

Is this a joke???


short amounts now, it seems. finally moving fast!

I Have these…they work very well. Sometime dirt can clog the opening, so you have to slide them in at an angle.

You’d have thought they got rid of them all in the last B.O.C.

Get 3 sets, great for target practice.

I have some of these and they do work! I love them! This ended too quick before I could buy more!

Am I the only one who loves these? I have a set of mini’s two of the regular sized ones and I love them!

No you’re not. I’ve been looking for these in stores and couldn’t find any. I knew something I needed would come up when I ate dinner!