Aqua Globes Medium 2-Pack

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Aqua Globes Medium 2-Pack
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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also works as an earwax remover



im picking up 3 for each of my 12 woot accounts


Again? They had this one yesterday. Grrr…

Sigh… Still no Beaver on Crack

hope these go quick


I still have a few of these leftover from last time. They made great Christmas gifts for a few houseplant lovers.

One-time-use Juggling Sticks!!!

lol what is this

blue balls, just what I always wanted!


Fives, Threes, now twos.

There is no escaping the mighty Aqua Globes

(Medium, 2-Pack)

One bit of advice: do not insert in your ears.