Aqua Line 2-Speed Blender with 50 oz. Glass Jar

No burrito inside?

what the f!? Where is the basket of cheeseburgers and cleavage?

awe hell yeah!!! mui margaritas por favor!

Total Woot off fail.

Boo, woot…Boo!

Did they forget to put the face on it?

purelife wrote:LoL have you not read any of my posts? These is part of my effort to pass the time. And I by no means know any of these. I googled Spider Facts and found a site with a lot of ‘Fun Facts’.

 I replied:  Hehehe...I've only read two. I thought you were one of those deadly bores who have to be handled with kid gloves. Glad I was wrong!

this blows

Does it handle kittens and/or politicians? (Not at the same time you sickos)

Wedding gift theater presents…

does it blend?

can I run Ubuntu on it?


Don’t forget to power it with your rechargeable batteries

i need a microwave not a toaster or blender!

It’s a Blender-O-Carp!!


alton brown says a blender’s glass jar should be squared off toward the base since the right angles provide resistance against the circulating food. this has tiny ridges but doesn’t appear to be designed especially well

Will it blend, iPad edition.

Is anyone else having huge issues with the Woot server? I get booted after 4-5 refreshes.

this is like $80 to $120 everywhere else…too bad hip hop hippie broke me

Is that a thermometer?