Aquabot Bullzer Jr. Pool Cleaning Robot

Aquabot Bullzer Jr. Pool Cleaning Robot
Price: $449.99
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Condition: New


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LOL that intro music

Now if they’d only give him a buff physique, a tan, and a great smile, I’d buy it in a fluttering heartbeat!

how old are these things? Did i just watch him pull out a VHS tape? Do they include a VCR with purchase so I can watch the instructional video?

That is funny. I bought a Vita-Mix 8 years ago that came with a VHS tape and thought that it was weird that they had not gone to a DVD yet. By the way, I still use VHS players.

I don’t have this unit, but I have a similar type and love it. What I’ve found that many of the people who complain about the time needed to maintain their pool, don’t have one of these robots.

I would not recommend any of robotic pool cleaners especially from this company. I had one of their commercial ones to be specific, it was the AquaMAX (almost 2K)and it stopped working after 1 1/2 season of use. Tried to call their dealer, who wanted like $150 to tell me what was wrong and all the repair possibilities were in the hundreds of $$ range so I didn’t bother and I throw it away. Also my wife hated it.

I had an earlier version Aquabot (circa 2000) and it was GREAT! This thing has its own pump. I was able to cut down the time running the pool pump - and as a result saved a lot of electricity.

You guys at woot are a joke. Was interested in this, but found a better price (after tax and shipping) AND a better return policy. You guys would be better making your contribution to humanity doing something else.

I purchased a Aquabot Bullzer Jr. Pool Cleaning Robot from Woot in June 2015. It had a one year warranty and of course, the motor crapped out on us a month after the warranty was up. We are told the motor will cost about $400 to replace. We paid $449 for it! This robot was taken care of perfectly, following the instruction booklet. We live in the Northeast so only have the pool open 4.5 months, so the robot was used only about 20 times since it was purchased.