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Price comparison:

$242 for the Aquabot AZBALERO
$296 for the AZVALS

Pros/Cons vs the classic Polaris anyone?

Can anyone say what the difference betweent he two is? I don’t know anything about pool cleaners, and wouldn’t know how to choose between the two.

I own and operate a pool service business…almost 14 years now. If you have anything near the pool that drops leaves, acorns etc…do NOT buy this! They jamb up and quit working on anything bigger than a pea. Works great on fine sand, dirt etc. Polaris is still King…that is why they cost what they do.

well, that helps me immensely. my pool is surrounded by trees!

I have a pool cage and typically only get sand/grit in my pool with the occasional worm. Would either of these units work? What is the difference? There is very little info out there on these.

the only thing i could glean, just from the descriptions, was that one stored the debris in the unit, and one sent it to the pool filter. at least, that’s how i read it. i kinda figured i’d want the one that sends debris to the big pool filter, so that i wouldn’t have to stop the vacuum to clean it out several times per cleaning session. but, like i said, i don’t know a lot about these things…

I bought one of the Nitro Wall Scrubbers off EBAY about 2 years ago, during the winter at a discounted price of around $650. Best investment I ever made. It took about 80% of my pool cleaning away and picks up a lot of grit that you don’t even realize is there.

The only negative thing I can say is it occasionally gets hung up on the steps. But I don’t know if what you could do about that.

FYI, I have a lot of trees.

[mod edit: Let’s pretend that wasn’t there, mmmkay?]

I do not own, nor have I ever used one of these pool vacuums but I can see that neither of these machines incorporates a bag to capture debris before going into the vacuum machine. The Polaris 3900 and maybe several other brands of vacuums do have debris bags and are generally more expensive ($700+ for the Polaris 3900).

Here is the difference…

The two machines featured here are relatively less expensive and are clearly a bargain on the basis of price alone. On the other hand, the performance is very different, particularly if your pool is surrounded by trees which shed a lot of tree debris into your pool. Without a basket, your vacuum WILL jam and stop as it becomes fouled by leaves and debris and require A LOT of your attention. Remember, when you first open your pool, you can’t see the bottom of your pool in the deep end, so you can’t see if and when the vacuum jams or stops. This is a big problem when your pool is equipped with a sand filter, as a DE filter cleans the water much quicker (up to 2 weeks vs. 2 days).

So, the bottom line is these vacuums are a super buy if you are not plagued by tree debris, however the vacuums may be a real PITA if you do have trees.

They both send debris to the big pool filter. According to Aquabot (I called them) the Vals can clean the water line the Bolaro can not.

Ditto. Polaris is the only way to go.

What about a 700 gallon pond with vinyl sides and no fish (currently)?

Which Polaris I have no leaves is this still the best way to go? Also mine is salt water does that matter?
Anyone one know if this woot deal works fine on steep walls?

our buyer tells us that the main difference between the two pool cleaners is the size. the Vals is smaller & more hydrodynamic, allowing it to move quicker through the water.
…so speaketh the dude who knows such things.

I’m actually in desperate need of a new automatic pool cleaner. I’ve never used one of this type/style, but after reading how they work, I think I’m going to stick with this guy:
It’s predecessor lasted me over 10 years before a couple plastic parts broke (crippling it fairly permanently), and it really did clean my whole 28 ft above-ground pool in just about 3 hours. Helped get rid of algae and keep it gone. You can leave it in indefinitely. This sucker lasted me months worth of actual operational time.

I just bought a Dolphin automatic cleaner from a nationwide company. (Specifically because I felt if I need to replace and a small, local pool guy is no longer operational i’m up a creek . . . ) It is like the Polaris, but it got better reviews in that it doesn’t get stuck on the stairs, which was a frequent complaint for Polaris.

I love it!! It has a 3 year GUARANTEE: they made certain that they view that as a difference in that they will replace it fully in the 3 years.

It has a bag, and the guy said if you want it to even get down to the bacteria micron size, you can throw a little DE in the bag to make it work like that.

It is amazing, and I certainly look forward to smaller electric bills (Don’t’ have to use the huge pool filter nearly as much) and much smaller chemical bills!!

I actually could use one of these. But, I just paid my daughter’s college tuition. I need to recover a little. Perhaps they will offer these again.