AquaDance 1138 Advanced High Intensity Super Compact Universal Shower Filter

While I have no skin in this game because we treat our water with chloramine in my area (which this product doesn’t claim to filter out) but the notion that it “Discourage[s] the growth of mold, mildew and algae” seems questionable.

The reason we treat our water in the first place is to minimize such organic contaminants in our tap water. So if we filter them out wouldn’t that make the mold, mildew, and algae worse?

Not saying filtering water is necessarily a bad idea, but you’re still going to need to clean your shower either way.

I’m just blown away that it works at minus 35 degrees F! And that is part of the recommended operating range! How can you do it!? So Amazong, er Amazing!

The form factor looks better than the typical model from either of the big box hardware stores. This model looks like it should be less likely to leak at either connection.

Chloramines are just molecules of chlorine and ammonia, basic carbon water filters will remove the chloride part of chloramines, but not the ammonia. However, carbon filter are not as effective for chlorine removal from water treated with chloramines and will deplete quicker than chlorinated water.

Not much found under the Specs tab.
How many gallons/minute ?

Can only assume that this will be a flow restrictor upstream of the flow restrictor in the shower head. Like showering under a watering can.

Would this work with any shower head?

As long as it has a standard screw attachment, yes.

From the vendor:

There is no gallons per minute restrictions on shower filters, only on shower heads (which is 2.5 gpm on showerheads sold in most states, 2.0 gpm in Colorado and California). So the user’s shower head output will determine the water restriction, not the shower filter.

However, it should be noted that over time and depending on condition of your shower water, as the filter cartridge collects more and more impurities, you may see a small drop in water pressure. This is the indication that its time to change the filter cartridge.

looking on amazon for the replacement filter referenced, they’re going for ~$20 each. cheaper to buy a bunch of these and replace the whole unit than to source filters for it.

If going this route, might as well buy as many $10 filters as you can, because the replacement filter cartridges cost $15 each!

We’re good with that. :happy: