AquaFresh Fridge Filter Replacement

I bought the Tier 1 filters last time and they were absolutely unusable and left the water tasting just as if it came from the tap.

Has anyone used these? What are your thoughts on them.

I have a GE fridge, the filter says FXRC and also has this number-


Is there a filter here that will fit/work?

Admittedly, I’ve been a poor steward in regards to replacing my fridge water filter…my fridge is 17 years old and has never been replaced. Water doesn’t taste bad at all but we pull our water out of a 200’ deep well and was deemed very good water to drink by the county when we got a CO for the house when we built it in 98’

Water trickles out of the dispensing portion of the fridge, I guess due to the fact we’ve never replaced it

Anyways, any help you can give will be much appreciated

From the mother ship: