Aquaglobe - 4 Pack

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Aquaglobe - 4 Pack
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 4 Allstar Marketing Aquaglobes

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They also work as a Neti Pot

have two of these they work great help keep the plants from turning brown. easy to fill and not as fragile as i thought

How much do these actually hold in volume?..

Best watering globes ever marketed heavily on TV.

These seem like they would break in the mail.

Oh my, are these the ones as seen on TV late at night? OH HEY, It’s late at night. I almost feel like infomercials are infesting the internet. D: Quick, I need to rickroll myself to feel safe!

I fear for the packaging. Woot normally does a great job, but I am still afraid glass will break.

I think I saw these advertised on television.

Edit: They appear to be in individual boxes, so no fear!

Awesome! In for 3 sets of 4 large

Be careful if you get these. The glass is thin and spindly so they break really easily. My little sister got some a couple years back and they broke within a day.

my wife has these and they work like they claim they do. That’s diffrent.


As seen on TV… for a lot more!

Can anyone vouch for these things working?

I’ve only seen negatives:

discolored from sun exposure
clogged with soil
stuck in there empty
or broken pieces laying around

…and I wanted this to be such a good idea / working product.

Let’s see some positive reports!

I bought a 2 pack of these for my mom last year for her birthday - she loves them and says that they really work! If only they were big enough to water my tomatoes when I’m out of town…

They’re great for feeding the elderly as well.

Product Website

Do you live in Berks County, PA???

they are packaged pretty well they should arrive non broken