Aquaglobe - 4 Pack Woot Info Post - whats the fuss

Aquaglobe - 4 Pack [New] - $2.99 + $5 shipping shipping

4 * Allstar Marketing Aquaglobes

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oh great




who doesn’t need 12 of these?!

What is this I don’t even



insert wookie scream

But will it make ice cream?

too fragile,break easily

this is getting regodamndiculas

I like to fill mine with bourbon, plunge them into my neck, and slowly reep the tasty warm goodness throughout the week.

ii mya be drunjkk but i know i dnot need a AWUAGGLOBE!

god damn
for the hell of it i was gunna get these too during this woot off

it changed me
then changed me
then kicked me out

lol jesus cripes ya’ll like hand blown glass plant watering globes of woot-off loving goodness!!!

Bastards! I’d like to save my plants. Home Depot it’ll be, I guess. :pout:

these make prity good grenades when filled with explosives… got glass embedded a good 6 inches into my forearm.

That was fast…