AquaLuxe 24-Setting 3-Way 2-in-1 Combo Showerhead

**Item: **AquaLuxe 24-Setting 3-Way 2-in-1 Combo Showerhead
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: New

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AquaLuxe 24-Setting 3-Way 2-in-1 Combo Showerhead
Price: $24.99
Condition: Unknown

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I have been waiting for something like this to pop up for the last couple of months. I would really like to buy but would love some input from others who own this. IS there anyone out there who can help?

They are good, but the body and fitting is chromed plastic, so you need to be very careful about over tightening or it may crack. Better to let it be off square level a few degrees if that’s how it works on your pipe threading.

Have had one for several months (and about $5 more) and it has functioned well.

It sucks. Plastics. The mist option sprays more cold water than warm. It was a waste of my money.

When I see “24-Setting,” all I can think is of how hard it will be to find the setting I like after someone else showers.

Bought one last time it was on here and absolutely love it! Has good pressure, don’t really use more than 2 of the settings but like that I can if I want. Satisfied!

The first time I bought this item (or one similar) was about 2 years ago. I kept one and we gifted the other 3. I bought again once or twice after that and gave all of them away as gifts. By the way, the original item I kept was installed in a shower stall in the bath of the Master bedroom…it’s still there and I use it every day.

I love these sets and I would love to buy more because I have 3 baths in my home, but the color does not match. WHY CAN’T THEY MAKE THESE SHOWERHEADS IN BRASS???

We bought four of these six to nine months ago on Woot. Yes, they are plastic, but for $25 bucks do you expect chromed vanadium steel??? They work fine. I removed the restrictors where they are used in a home with a private well and super water pressure. I left them in for a FL home where you pay through the nose for water. The mist option does not change the water temperature, unless of course you have a magical one. It virtually vaporizes the water causing evaporation and an air mixture that feels very cool on the skin. They are light weight thus reducing the possibility of cracking your tile or shower door should you happen to lose your grip on the hand-held feature. Not a big investment in terms of $$$ permitting you to upgrade to something even better in the future. Still haven’t found the 24 settings. I am sure they are tucked in there somewhere, but we happen to only use a few settings anyway.

Not my experience. The finish is still good after many months of everyday use despite being plastic.

Obviously the mist option does not change the water temperature reaching the fixture. It does make it feel different and has a bit more evaporative cooling but that’s just simple physics. It’s not like any other brand or model could be any different if set to a similar flow.

In general this is a good product, while it lasts. I bought almost the exact same product (looks identical but called “Total Spa” instead of Aqualuxe) back in February and in just this past week it has been reduced to a standard, nonadjustable, half-working showerhead. the switch that controls where the water is directed has apparently been stripped as it no longer changes where the water comes from. Now the stationary head has a pitiful flow, like a hose that is forever draining the last of its water, and the movable head is probably 80% functional. Plus although it looks mostly metal, its not. its plastic and cheap feeling, especially the parts that connect to your water pipe. SO its still usable, yes, but i would not recommend buying this product - unless you’re ok with potentially buying a new one in less than a year…

I bought this from Woot last year at this time and installed it in our master bath. My wife liked it so much she bugged me to get another one for the shower in our pool bath. So in January I bought another one when it was listed.

There isn’t a single complaint I have about this. I did remove the flow restriction devices from both units as our bill is extremely inexpensive where I live in Florida. We have a septic system, so aren’t paying any sewer charges. My average water bill is under $13 to $16 each month. Highest ever was under $75 when I had to refill my swimming pool after it was refinished.

It’s a very nice piece for the price.

I bought a similar model from Woot! a while back. I ended up returning it because the handheld showerhead wouldn’t stay up. It’s as if there wasn’t enough frictional force to keep it from swinging down. I am looking at the In2uition by delta where the handheld part sits in the showerhead. No possibility of it swinging down or falling out.

bought 2 of these a while back and I have only one complaints. I put one in the bathroom where my kids shower and it can be nice to have the dual spray when hosing off two of the kids together. The hose is nice and flexible unlike some cheapies I’ve had in the past, the water pressure is good (after removing the flow regulator), the spray adjustment is easy. My one complaint is that it tends to lean to the side the hand held unit is on. This may be standard on these units that are as adjustable as this and it really isn’t that big of a deal. Overall I would recommend these to anyone and I am happy with the purchase.

Hello!! I was wanting something like this but maybe needing one that has a pole for the second sprayer…I will be using this in my kids’ bathroom and they are 10 & 8 yrs old. Just thought that pole might be better for the 8 yr old…any thoughts or should I just buy this one? By reading the reviews on here, everyone seems to really like this set… Thanks…

Can anyone tell me how far above the wall connection this showerhead goes? I dont have a whole lot of room between the wall connection and the ceiling in my bathroom.

Got this about a year ago here, and no complaints. I bought a tension rod that I run from one end of the shower to the other right down the middle (well, other than the shower outlet at one end) and zip-tied the hose and detachable shower head along it so I have the fixed shower head at one end and the other one at the other end, and now I have a shower that my girlfriend and I can share together :slight_smile:

Also, dig out the plastic restrictors from the heads for proper water flow. You can close the valve(s) down to control the amount of water flowing instead.

Use mine everyday, would buy another one if I needed it.

It’s plastic, but it’s also under $30. The finish still looks fine, and I’ve had it around a year.

How do you remove the restrictors?