AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush

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AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush
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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
2/26/2018 - $34.99

I got this the last time around. It’s a high quality toothbrush and the dental pics are very good quality. Happy with my purchase.

I bought this just before Christmas and began using it at the first of the year. It took me about 6 weeks to get used to the vibration on my teeth, as I am very sensitive. Now that I have adjusted to using this toothbrush I will most likely stay with the ultrasonic type of toothbrush as I feel I get a better brush with it.


No Prime, huh?

I got this the last time it was offered and it was awful. The motor is so week that whenever i lightly touch the brush against my teeth it stops. virtually is an expensive manual toothbrush.

When they can’t get their ad copy proofed, it bothers me. “VPN” motor twice in the pictures

I think VPN for the motor is Vibrations Per Minute, not Virtual Private Network. Not a misprint.

I think VPN for the motor is Vibrations Per Minute, not Virtual Private Network. Not a misprint.

Okay, I get it. The text shows VPM and the pics show VPN. Well, the keys are next to each other on the keyboard lol.

What is “inductive charging” and how is it done? Thanks.

I bought this item last Fall but didn’t use it right away. When I did it didn’t work. I reported the problem to Woot but the best they could do was to refer me to the manufacturer website in the UK. No help there. Be wary of this one.

I regularly use a Sonicare and it is a much superior product.

The buzz on inductive is that it’s wireless.

It works well. The picks and all the brush heads make this a deal. Sonic heads are $15 for three. Sonic Care has been coming down in price for the unit, but the brush heads are pricey. You don’t need to leave this on the charger. These run for weeks off a charge. It sits loosely and charges on my Sonic care base, but the Sonic care wont fit on this base (The peg is larger). The brush heads are interchangeable between both brands. I saw one like this on amazon that had a “Gun Care” mode on it. Yeah Gun care, but I figured most of these are made in China :slight_smile: Although that made me think of other cleaning uses for this thing so I tried it and it does work well cleaning grooved fine parts or in narrow spaces where you can’t really scrub with a regular brush :slight_smile: So keep your old brush heads and put them to use.

Is this the same toothbrush that Aquaman uses?


If it’s like any other power toothbrush, it’s stopping you from brushing too hard by stopping itself. Lighter touch will keep it running.

Looks like this is a good deal!
My sonicare does not stop when up against very firm resistance, so i like the idea of it stopping. Speaking with dentists, they say do not brush very hard with these types of brushes. I have also had great results with this other brand (currently sold out):

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