AquaSonic Ultrasonic Toothbrush

I bought this for $34.99 back in December. Started using it in January. Here we are 8 months later and the thing grinds as if you are applying too much pressure, even when it’s not in your mouth. So with that, I’ll pass woot. I’m taking my money and buying a REAL name brand toothbrush (on sale) for slightly more money.

misstakenly bought this, thought it was a Sonicare. Not even close! What a waste, barely works,stops completely when you put it against your teeth. Wound up using it as a manual brush for cleaning my motorcycle.

Very positive reviews on Amazon and two very negative reviews instantly on Woot.

The odds favor the woot comments I think. It’s a pass.

i actually purchased 2 of these for my boys (9&10) for 34.99/…they still use and haven’t complained about them…theirs didn’t come with a case though…but it DID come w/ a ‘dental kit’ that we never use…perhaps, just in case we decide to go into the hygienist business…

I can’t tell - is the charging station cordless? They do not show any sort of cord nor do they mention…

I bought this back in Mid November and mine has a charging cord, like most electric toothbrushes do. But It keeps a charge for a long time.

I bought this in November. Difference was my set came with dental tools in a pouch. The travel case would be nice. This set is also less money. One negative is that the soft setting to me is still a bit harsh. Also, these are not what I would consider soft toothbrushes. But for the money I think this is a good deal. Added bonus is the black color… Keeps a charge for days!!!

Really good job of making a product look exactly like the Sonic Care from Philips. Nice job China!
Oddly, I can’t find the product on Amazon

Yes.I bought this last time it was offered. It charges through induction. I’ve been really happy with mine.

Here you go

Just got mine…The Sonic Care that I paid $70 for quit just over a year from purchase…how can this one be worse?

NO. Must be plugged into your 110V electrical outlet.

It appears there is no manufacturer warranty whatsoever. Who IS the manufacturer? Are they still in business?

Howdy. This has a 90-day Woot warranty.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.