Aquinas Philosopher's Napa Valley Red Blend (3)

Aquinas Philosopher’s Napa Valley Red Blend 3-Pack
$59.99 $125.00 52% off List Price
2009 Aquinas Philosopher’s Blend Reserve Red Wine, Napa Valley
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Here’s a blog post with some tasting notes.
It might be suspect for shillage but it’s better than nothing.

Philosopher’s Blend? Hmm, I’m going to have to think about this one…

From the description I gather this is the Sebastiani and sons victory type of wine. A BDX blend only made in high quality years.

2009, who knew?

I really really do miss being able to order from wine woot (Virginia) especially when something like this comes up-it sounds delicious. Of course my husband calls my not being able to order answered prayer. I miss you wine woot!!

I was able to order wine from Woot to Virginia a few years ago. Wish something can be work out soon so we, the people who live in Virginia, can order wine from Woot again.

Woot can’t legally operate in VA without major and probably fiscally impossible hurdles. Take it to your local state representatives and ask them to change the law. Virginians haven’t been able to order wine from woot since late 2012 when the law in question came into effect.

In the short term, some wineries will match the deal when contacted directly. Like Pedroncelli from yesterday. I’ve have had luck with several others this year (Wellington and Scott Harvey from memory. ETA: Noceto and Amedeo/Vinum, too). It hurts little to send the winery an email asking politely to extend woot pricing to the states who can receive interstate wine shipments but who cannot order from Woot. Some wineries don’t have licenses to ship to all states but most of 'em have licenses to ship to VA anyway.

I like your style.

I am a huge fan of the Aquinas brand, particularly the Cab.

This bottle has great notes of cherry, blackberry, cedar and a powerful but not overpowering cracked black pepper.

This wine should be paired with a good steak as it will blend the flavors nicely.

I would rate this wine a 94/100 and would buy this and their Cab again.

Thanks for the notes, have you had other wines from woot you can compare it to?

Thanks for this. I’ve always just assumed if W00t couldn’t ship wine to me anymore (Missouri), then the winery couldn’t either. Although that kinda drops the convenience factor of w00t, which is mostly why I’m here at all these days.

Also, is it just me or did the list of shippable-to states get a LOT smaller in the last 2 years? We’re down to 17 now. =(

Yeah. :wah:

Wine.Woot is currently not able to offer wine deals in certain states, but will be opening up additional states as laws and regulations regarding selling wine online continue to evolve.

You’re welcome to also check out this thread to discuss and talk about current Wine Shipping Laws

I’ve enjoyed many of the Sebastiani wines, and I’m sure this one is a nice wine, but I’m surprised there’s not more tasting notes from our fellow wooters?

My thoughts exactly. In the early 90’s I waited tables to put myself through college and the Sebastiani wines were generally a crowd pleaser with a relatively good QPR. I probably made more than half my income from gratuities on Sebastiani Cab and St. Francis Merlot.

Thanks for your support. We released the 2009 vintage of this reserve wine because it really stood out to us. We actually had to commit to confidentiality behind the sourcing because it had such a high pedigree. We never released this broadly, we save it for best-of-the-best restaurants, friendly retailers etc. So it does not surprise me that there is not much ink written on it.

Thank you. Consistent with my family’s history, this wine has solid QPR. I only found out today what the woot price was and honestly I was surprised at how low it is.

Thank you. This is a wine I drink at home for special occasions.